Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Beauty of Acupuncture

I realize that many people are not pro-acupuncture, like I am. But let me tell you, it makes a difference! I've been seeing Maya from Maya Acupuncture in Concord. From the moment we first spoke, I knew she would be/is truly amazing. She is a complete wealth of knowledge and is so thorough.

My first appointment she was able to squeeze in last minute on the day of our transfer. She only had 45 mins, but the 30 mins I was sitting there all poked and prodded  I was completely relaxed. Most of the needles I couldn't even feel. There were a couple in my feet/ankles, one in each knee, a couple in my ears, on my neck....and the last one she put in was right between my eye brows. I felt nothing until that last one went in. Immediately it started radiating down to the couple around my collar bone. We were channeling Qi. (For those of you not familiar with the term, you can read more here.)

That first appointment I didn't feel much, besides complete relaxation. At one point I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. But yesterday I went back for another round, this time a full hour. Similar placement of the needles. Except for one new one. She asked at the beginning of the appointment how I was feeling. "Well, I'm feeling pregnant." She smiled, and seemed surprised. I wasn't kidding though. I went through everything I've been feeling with her, as she continued to smile.

Once all the usual needles were in, she put one right on the top of my head. I was slightly nervous, and may have cringed a little when she told me to take a deep breath in then out. But I hardly felt it. She said this needle will help pull my energy up since I've been so tired. I just smiled and laid there, not entirely believing that this was even possible. She also kept feeling my pulse. At one point I asked what it was she was looking for. Apparently during pregnancy, your heartbeat becomes more liquid-y  not as intense. (I know she used a different word, but for the life of my, I can't remember.) Supposedly mine was doing just that. Then she followed up with the fact that progesterone is known to do the same thing. Damn.

I had a difficult time relaxing. I noticed a few times I twinged a little, and my shoulders kept tensing up around my ears. I tried to focus on deep breaths and removing myself from the room. It took a while, but I finally got there. Complete relaxation for about 10 mins. At least it's something!

Now usually, around 2 or 3pm everyday, I start to lose steam. My body starts dragging even more, and my steps slow to a leisurely pace. Not yesterday. That little needle at the top of my head apparently worked wonders, because I was full steam until about 7pm. And that's when I hit the wall. I stayed late at work, then popped into the grocery store for a few things. Made it all the way home, and BAM! Wall. Thankfully my husband was already home and in no rush for dinner.

Easy night. Pretty sure I fell asleep around 8:30 on the sofa.

Having that extra energy though, as much as I welcome it, it made me doubt myself. Since 3 days post transfer, I've been convinced I'm pregnant. The acupuncture has been working, and relieving some of those symptoms. Making me doubt whether what I'm feeling is real, or just the side effects of the progesterone supplement. And as much as I enjoy the relief, I think I enjoy the signs much more. It's the signs that are giving me hope. It's the signs that are getting me through those spells of exhaustion.

I woke up this morning feeling great. No signs all morning while getting ready for work. Showered. Make up. Hair. Breakfast. Drove to work. And as soon as I stepped out of my car, there it was. The cramps. The amazing cramps reminding me that there are two little embryos in there working hard to continue to grow. 2 little ones that continued to make me nauseous, and kept me from inhaling my breakfast.

6 more days. (half way through the long wait)

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