Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Too Early?

We've all been told that everyone's body reacts differently to pregnancy. Some women don't start showing until 4 months. Then there's some of us who can't button our jeans at 6 weeks. And yes, I am the latter of the two. Yesterday was the first day I rocked maternity jeans. And I'm not embarrassed to say so. Let me preface by saying the 2 comfortable pairs of jeans I own right now, that still fit well, I brought on vacation. They are in need of a wash. So yesterday, I attempted, several times might I add, to wear a pair of dress pants. However I am so swollen, nothing was comfortable. So I said screw it, and threw on the only pair of maternity jeans I own.


Who ever invented maternity jeans, had to be a woman. Elastic waist bands are so the way to go. I got up before my husband, so he was unaware of my rocking of the elastic band. Until we got to our ultrasound. Where I sheepishly stated that they were the only things not making me want to slit my wrists.

He laughed.

I was comfortable.

And that's all that mattered.

I felt even better about my decision when the nurse practitioner said my ovaries were so large (secreting all the necessary pregnancy hormones) that I should be pretty uncomfortable. And things probably won't fit well. Bingo!

So there!

Bending over is a slow and careful process. I think about every movement. I get up too quickly, I am rushed with exhaustion. I move too fast, my body reminds me to slow down. Every movement has changed. Even hiking on vacation last week, reminded me to take it easy. I was able to complete the 6.2 miles, but there were slow and steady. Until the end, where I desperately needed a bathroom.

I will say I'm feeling more confident and happier now. The nurses phoned yesterday and told me my hcg has gone from 783 on Tuesday, the 13th, to 3842 on Monday the 19th. So in 6 days it was a little higher than a 60% increase every 48 hours. Still in normal range. I have pushed for another round of blood work to be done next week at our ultrasound. Just to be sure the hcg is still rising.

Fingers crossed.

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