Friday, November 9, 2012

First Trimester Advice?

Fear. It's what usually keeps us from doing something. Or it drives us not to do something. In IVF, fear is usually a huge factor. You fear you won't make any viable eggs. You fear your embryos won't grow. You fear you won't have any frozen embryos. You fear the embryos won't implant. You fear you won't create enough hcg. You fear scheduling anything remotely to do with future appointments. Especially if you've had previous miscarriages.

There's always that fear inside of you, dreading that the past will repeat its self. That you won't make it through the first trimester. That you'll schedule ultrasound appointments for 8 weeks, but you won't make it that long.

I am doing my best to remove the fear. Remove all those negative thoughts, concerns, past memories, anything that hinders giving these two little embybabies a chance. After all, this is a new pregnancy. It is new life that is growing. It's been 2 years, and I'm different. My body is different. (Sigh) This IVF cycle was different. Research has changed and prompted new protocols. Like taking progesterone until 10 weeks instead of 6. Things are just different.

How can you follow what your gut is telling you to do when that fear grips you from inside, and digs its nails in? Here's my thoughts on the matter.

1. Be your own advocate. Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to your symptoms. If they seem to disappear, call your doctor and demand an appointment. If they get too severe, call your doctor.

2. Be proactive. Make appointments with your OB, even though you are still working with the fertility center. Let them know your past, and your fears, and be sure that you are being heard. Having those appointments scheduled will give you something to look forward to, and some peace of mind.

3. Listen to your gut. If you think you have issues with progesterone levels, ask your doctor for a prescription after voicing your concerns. If they are truly caring, they'll look into it further, or continue to monitor. From what I know and researched, extra progesterone isn't a bad thing.

4. Find something to do that keeps you calm. I don't care what it is, but if it works, stick with it. I never thought I'd be working full time and going through IVF, and let me tell you, sitting at a desk all day has reeked havoc on my health and stress levels. I've found listening to meditative/yoga music, really helps.

5. Stay active. You'll sleep better. Your stress levels will go down. You'll keep the weight gain under control. And hopefully you'll help to keep that fear away. Make sure to never get breathless, and don't start any strenuous routines will pregnant. Start simply by walking at a normal pace. As your body adjusts, listen to it.

6. Eat well. Let me rephrase that: Eat Healthy! Everything you take in, your baby takes in. And especially early on, your baby needs so many nutrients to grow. I'm a firm believer that what you eat while you're pregnant, is what your child will crave later on. Try to fight bad cravings, and ask your self "What nutrients does the baby and myself need?" before you decide on what to eat.

Anyone else have good advice on how to get through the first trimester?

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