Monday, November 12, 2012

Seeking Posititivity

As you can imagine, we were heart broken on Friday when the nurse called and told us that my Hcg went from 205 to 300. In most pregnancies, they like to see the number double every 24-48 hours. However, that's only in 85% of pregnancies. In the other 15%, those numbers take longer to double. Sometimes between 3 and 4 days. Which is what we believe is happening here.

I did a little research on Friday, and some more today. I've found in a few places that even if your numbers don't double, a 60% increase is considered normal. I was 68%! I'm seeing that as a good sign.

I won't lie, I really freaked out on Friday when they called. I was at work, and managed to hold it together on the phone with the nurse. Until I called my husband. That's when the water works turned on. I immediately thought that this pregnancy will end the same as the last. (You can't help to go there, since that's the only place you've ever been.) I had a hard time pulling myself together, which my boss unfortunately noticed, and sent me home. Thank the Lord. I went home, curled up on the sofa, and took a much needed nap.

It wasn't until Saturday, that I started taking on a different view of what's happening. The only 2 true increases in Hcg that documents a pregnancy have been through IVF. In both cases, my Hcg started high, then slowed down. I'm choosing to see this as this is just how my body works. Instead of the alternative, possible ectopic pregnancy, or early sign of miscarriage.

My body hasn't really ever done anything according to the "normal" standards. So why would this be the same? Beats me. So I choose to be positive. I still feel very pregnant. Nausea. Exhaustion. Peeing a lot. My boobs hurt so bad, that hugs are given lightly these days. Plus they've become super veiny. I'm swollen, to the point where my pants aren't buttoned today, but held together by an elastic (which works great!). And I have endless mucus. And not just the progesterone leaking out, more like tacky egg whites. All great signs!!!!

Tomorrow I'll be heading in for another round of blood work. I tried to get them to do an ultrasound as well, but they keep saying it's too early. We did get the go ahead to go on vacation, which we were thrilled about. Originally, the nurse told us to hold off. But I spoke with her this morning, and she spoke with our doctor. They both agreed that we should head up north, but locate a lab in case we need to have another round of blood work done.

So that is our current plan. Early am blood draw. Home to pack and load up the car, then off to VT until Sunday. We'll get a call later in the day tomorrow with the current Hcg levels. Fingers crossed they've gone up at least 60%! If they haven't doubled, like they hope to see, then probably another blood draw in a few days. Then possible ultrasound, I'm guessing next week. Tomorrow is 5 weeks though, so Amen to that!

PS- I may have peed on a stick Sat and today. Just wanted to be sure that dark line was still present, which it was! Yay!

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