After 4 years of marriage, my husband Chris and I felt as though we were ready for a family. We had one frivalous year of procrating (like rabbits). With one year and no pregnancy, we decided to seek help. Here goes, I hope you can keep up.....

Jan 2009-Stopped taking the pill
Feb 2010- Dye test. Tubes open. Semen analysis 4%.
Mar 2010- Hubby- Urologist. Antibiotic possible low-grade virus causing malformations. 2 more specimens. Ultrasound on kidney's and scrotum.
May 2010- Hubby has bilateral vericosele. Recommends surgery to have veins cut. 
June 2010- Decide it's time to get a second opinion from a fertility specialist. 
July 2010- Appointment RSC. Recommends IVF. 
August 2010- First step in IVF, start taking the pill. Which I warned the doctor that I can not be on the pill because they make me form cysts on my ovaries. Asks me to try it anyways. I form cysts, cycle is forgone.
Sept 2010- Start Lupron injections. Ultrasound and bloodwork throughout the month. 
Oct 2010- Harvested 13 eggs. ICSI. 11 grew. 8 made blastocyst stage. 5 day growth. Embryo transfer of 1 embryo on Oct 31st. 2 embryos made it to be frozen.
Nov 2010- Positive home pregnancy test followed by positive blood test. Finally pregnant. At 6 weeks, 2 days HCG was not multiplying as should be. Told to have ultrasound to be sure pregnancy is not ectopic. Saw and heard heart beat.
Dec 2010- Watched until 7 weeks, then referred to OB and to stop taking progesterone. Switched OB's, had first consult on pregnancy. On the 23rd at 9 weeks, had light spotting. Called OB, brought in for ultrasound. Informed by OB that the baby only measured 6 weeks & 2 days. We miscarried. 
Jan 2011- Follow up with OB that my mental state was okay, per their protocol. 
Feb 2011- Meet with RSC and decide to have frozen embryo transfer. Began new meds.
Mar 2011- Only one embryo made unfreezing process properly. Had second embryo transfered. One week later had positive home pregnancy test. 
Apr 2011- Negative blood work result. Not pregnant. Devastated. Out of embryos. Decide to try a new course of action. Cousin informs me of NaPro Technology. Phone Dr. C's office, have 2 one hour phone conversations about history. Believes he can help. 
May 2011- Meet with Dr. C. Believes I have endometriosis. Referred to surgeon to have removed. Also thinks I may have issue with progesterone and or thyroid. Suggests taking B6, D3, magnesium and vitamin supplement to help thyroid. Hubby is referred to surgery, yet again. And he is to begin ProXeed, sperm enhancement vitamin. Meet with RN to learn Creighton Model, natural family planning method. Scheduled both consults with surgeons. Dr. C also thinks I should have never been taken off progesterone, may have contributed to miscarriage. Angry.
June 2011- Possible chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage). Met with RN to learn Creighton Model. Began charting cycle. Noticed I have far too much mucus and irregular signs. Told PMS is not normal and usually indicates low progesterone. 
July 2011 - Meet with surgeon, expects endometriosis. Laproscopic surgery found and removed endo and significant amount of scar tissue. Blood work indicates low thyroid or hypothyroidism. Begin medication to regulate thyroid. Cervical mucus begins to change for the better.
September 2011 - Met with Dr. C. Advised me that my cycle is still apparently not functioning properly, and possibly prematurely releasing my egg. Cycle is improving, but suggests I start taking Letrozole. First month, not pregnant.
October 2011 - Trying to conceive naturally with the help of Letrozole. No luck this month.
November 2011 - Conceived naturally, very early miscarriage (chemical pregnancy)
December 2011 - Told to take the month off to let my body naturally miscarry and repair.