Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Step #1

sex and the city!

Somehow this seems so perfect for today. The stress, anxiety....the waiting......and waiting......and's never freaking ending. 

Of course of all days, my boss invites me to lunch with him and our new CEO to discuss our marketing strategies. The only thing I could think of was: "Are you kidding? My phone is going to ring!" How the heck am I supposed to take my phone call during that lunch. I contemplated letting them leave a voicemail. That way I could listen back to it. I could listen again if I black out. I would actually have all the information somewhere. 

So there I sat for a full hour, staring at my phone, praying it wouldn't ring. Praying I wouldn't have to excuse myself from the table, and not look like a crazy person as I sprint out the door to answer it. The walk to the car, phone in hand. Drive in the car, phone in hand. Leaving the restaurant, phone in hand.

So what happens?

Nothing. My phone never rang. Insert huge sigh of relief.

Now in the past, they usually call between 1 and 3pm. On occasion, they call later. I've noticed that the later calls usually pertain to scheduling another appointment. They wait until the end of the day to organize tomorrow's schedule. However, that doesn't effect me today. So what the hell was with the wait?

Then 3pm rolled around, and my phone was still not vibrating. 

Then 3:30. 

Then 4.

At this point I am super frustrated. So I call my nursing team only to get their voicemail. They stop checking messages at 4pm. 10 mins late. Good job Celia! 

I look at my phone after and realize, I have old voicemails. Probably should delete them. 5 to be exact. (I suck at checking messages.)

#5 however was quite interesting, seeing as I've had my phone with me all day! My nurse has called, stating she wishes she had reached me in congratulate us!

We are officially pregnant!

But I already knew that. ;)

Step #1 has been achieved! Step#2 is staying pregnant. Follow up blood work on Friday to recheck HcG levels. Then about 3.5 weeks later is the ultrasound.

Thank you so much everyone for all your positive thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement. 
They are so greatly appreciated!

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  1. YAAAAAAY so happy for you guys! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!