Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just a few things....

At yesterday's meeting, the nurse practitioner had asked if I was having any nausea or vomiting  I quickly replied that I thankfully haven't vomited, and that most of my nausea seems to be subsiding.

Boy was I wrong.

I woke up this morning, from a somewhat restful slumber, to a completely empty stomach. Growling and gurgling  I probably should have eaten immediately. Instead I jumped right into the shower. Continued to hack up a lung phlegm that seems to be plaguing me most days now. So much so that when I finally got in my car to head to work, still starving, I attempted to spit some phlegm out. Which ended up being a full out gag session and spitting on the side of my car. Awesome.

Every morning, I have my Vega One shake with frozen berries, banana and coconut milk. Usually it tastes scrumptious. Today, I took a sip and gagged. Thankfully I used a straw to down the shake, and managed to by pass my taste buds and get some of it in my stomach.

While sitting at my desk, I continued to suck down half the shake, until I couldn't take it anymore, and gave up. You win this round nausea.

Around 10am, I was starving again. But my usual Snap Pea Crisps and Red Pepper Hummus, was not sounding appetizing. So I switched out the Snap Peas for some Saltines. Managed to get down 1 cracker and hummus every 5 mins or so.

At noon time, I was hungry, but nothing sounded appetizing. But pizza. Thankfully there's a brick oven place 5 mins from work. Where I proceeded to go. And somehow I ended up ordering a cheese and crust only pizza. Which at first was not what I wanted. But after biting into it, I was super glad it didn't have sauce. Pretty sure that wouldn't have gone over well.

As I went up to pay for my pizza, I noticed some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies calling my name. Mmmmm, cookies and peppermint tea.....perfect afternoon snack.

And while I have you here.....

I'm starting to believe that pregnant women should not be allowed to work full time. This whole making another human being thing is exhausting, and really is a full time job all on it's own. We should at least be able to work part time.

And what's with the US being so far behind on maternity leave laws?! Some countries offer a full PAID YEAR off. A whole damn year. Come America, step it up! 6 weeks at 60% salary is not a maternity leave. It's just plain insulting. (And the only reason I get a paid maternity leave, is because my work is kind enough to offer Short Term Disability plan.)

Oh yes, I'm sorry, I forgot our government is run by old men who probably still believe that it's the 50's and moms stay at home with their children and bake all day. My bad.

In lighter news, the Chinese Birthday Calendar says we'll be having a boy. And their apparently 90% accurate. We'll see about that China.


  1. Not to dissapoint you... the Chinese calander said I would have a girl with Liam! ahaha

    Hope your Nausea gets better!

    1. It's funny, 1/2 of you say it's wrong, and 1/2 have said it's dead on. Nausea is better today. Thank goodness. (Trick is apparently bagels and chocolate. Sigh.)