Friday, November 30, 2012

1st Gym Time in.....a long time

I read somewhere that working out helps to combat the debilitating nausea that can come in the first trimester. I truly believed it to be a myth, but so far I've been proven wrong twice. The first was while we were up at Trapp and decided to do the 6.2 round trip hike to the cabin. The second was last night.

I've been telling myself for weeks that I need to get my pregnant ass to the gym 3-5 days a week.

a. To help combat the not so fabulous eating I've done lately. Thanks to the nausea.
b. So that I won't over gain in the next 9 months.
c. Stay stretched out and limber which will hopefully help with the birth.

So last night, as I slowly pulled myself up out of my work chair, I grabbed my gym bag and put on some work out clothes. I find changing at work forces me to get to the gym. If I just hop in my car, from pulling out of my parking spot, to getting to the main road, it's possible I'll convince myself to just go home.

I got to the gym and was oddly awake. Did a solid hour on the treadmill with random hills. Only moved at 3.2 to keep my heart below 140. Never got breathless, and drank almost 20 oz of water. After which, I did some light stretching and some ab exercises. Nothing strenuous, but enough to feel it.

As I headed home, I realized how awake I really was. I ate some dinner, eggs and  bagel to be exact and watched some tv. Knowing my feet were frozen and not warming up not matter how hard I tried, I drew myself a warm bath. (Don't worry, it was around 100 degrees, like I was told was okay.) Let myself warm up, then drained the water and got out. Curled up on the sofa, read some of my book (Bleed For Me).

Hubby came home about 30 mins later and we watched this week's Dexter & Walking Dead. At which time I passed out for about 30 mins at the end. We headed up to bed around 11:30, and now I was wide awake. Took about a half hour to fall back to sleep. Then awoke at 5am, like usual. Bladder full. Somehow I managed to roll back over a sleep a little longer.

Today has been a long, dragging day. I can't not wait to crawl back into bed.

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