Monday, December 3, 2012

First OB Appointment & Flu Shot Questions

This morning, one day before we hit 8 weeks, we met with our OB team. We chose the same office we saw 2 years ago during our first pregnancy. (We hadn't been back since my follow up from the D&C). There were really 2 reasons we chose this practice:

1. They are always on call, and do not use other services, ever. Throughout your pregnancy, you meet all 4 doctors, and one of the 4 will be there for the birth.

2. They are associated with Emerson Hospital, an affiliate of Boston Medical Center.

For anyone else getting ready for baby, I highly recommend their practice. They have 3 office locations, and one just happens to be in our town now! Yay! I love that you get to know all of them and that they don't use any other doctors, ever. They do all of their practice's deliveries. I also love that they work out of Emerson Hospital. Probably seems silly to drive to Concord when we have a hospital in our home town. However Emerson guarantees a private room (Leominster does not), they have a new birthing wing with it's own entrance, and a birthing tub. They offer Hypnobirthing, Yoga classes, and welcome natural child birth.

At our appointment, which was just a Congrats on being pregnant, and info session, she mentioned getting the flu shot. (Knock on wood) I've never had the flu. I've never gotten the flu shot. Ever. I'm one of those crazy people that doesn't really believe in vaccines. I have my own reasons. However, she was quite insistent that I get the flu shot this year. Seeing as we have 3 more months of flu season and my immune system is considered "compromised". Basically while you're pregnant, you're compared to a 60 year old chain smoker. Very low immune system apparently.

So I'm asking all of you. I have yet to research, but what are your thoughts on getting the flu shot while pregnant?

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