Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11 Weeks- Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day marked 11 weeks!

Baby Size: Lime, 1.6"

Knickname: Still Olive or Oliver depending on our mood. Starting to lean towards boy. Heart doppler has been bringing up a consistent 125-135 beats per minute. (Interested to see what the ultrasound next week picks up.)

Baby Changes: Head to body ratio is 1:1 and the baby weighs about .25 ounces. Tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds are forming. Skin is see-through, and fingers and toes aren't webbed anymore! Baby can move fluidly now too, which you're not supposed to be able to feel. However I have had consistent flutters, I swear the kid is doing back flips!

Weight Gain: We'll find out next week at our 12 week appointment. Ugh.

Cravings: None to really speak of.

Aversions: Vegetables have been tough to swallow but still able to force them down.

Showing: Still rocking the maternity jeans. Belly is really starting to stick out now. 

Body Changes: This week I've noticed a huge change in my exhaustion. I've been really tired most days, to the point where I'll nap at 10 am. Starting to feel huge, and very much looking forward to getting my fat ass to the gym.

Worst Moment this Week: None to speak of. Things have gone really well. I did however try to squeeze myself into a pair of non maternity jean leggings. They buttoned, but were super uncomfortable. Sigh.

Best Moment this Week: Telling Chris' grandmother on Christmas that we are expecting. We waited to share the news with her, didn't want to worry the poor lady.

Looking Forward To: Next week's ultrasound! Only 7 more days until we get to see the little one again. And obviously getting to second trimester is so exciting, we're so close!