Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9 Weeks

Baby Size: Olive, .9"

Knickname: Olive, mostly because Hubby thought it was cute and loved that the baby is now the size of a green olive.

Weight Gain: I have not weighed myself this week. I'm guessing I've probably increased.

Cravings: None this week, food is not that appetizing right now.

Aversions: Haven't really felt any this week.

Showing: Um, let's just say it's getting difficult to hide the bump. It's kind of that awkward stage where I look fat, but it's start to resemble a baby bump.

Body Changes: I feel like my waist has gone up by an inch or two this week. See?

Worst Moment this Week: First time I had to sprint to the bathroom thinking I was going to vomit. False alarm though. And battling a slight cold, but nettipot has helped a ton!

Best Moment this Week: My friend loaned us her heart doppler! We tried it out last night. For a second we had 167 show up, but couldn't find it again. Probably still too early.

Looking Forward To: The holidays! Can't wait to get past week 9. Excited for week 10 when the placenta takes over. Definitely enjoying the growing bump!

Here's a comparison from last week to this week.

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