Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 Week US

I was feeling really calm today. Until I got in the car to drive to RSC for our US. It had nothing to do with the actual scan though. I felt pretty confident, and still very pregnant, so I had good feelings about the upcoming scan. But on the way there, on the back roads, I got stuck behind a little old couple doing well under the speed limit. I finally get around them after they turn, and hop onto Rt 2. To only be pinned between the person in front of me doing under the speed limit, and the little old lady next to me doing the same speed. Off to the back roads again, and finally start moving. Oh wait, lovely, there's a cop behind me. Ugh. Some days you can never win. The whole ride I kept telling myself "God is telling you to be patient and calm down." So I did.

I finally arrived to RSC at the exact time Chris did. Gotta love perfect timing. Walked into our appointment and was greeted by the same receptionist who had told us about the triplets. Headed back to our US, and thankfully Deb greeted us once again for our scan. Apparently she pulled rank and asked that we see her again. Got to love this woman! No time wasted, she jumps right to the heart beat so we can breath a sigh of relief.

And there it is.

One strong little heart, beating away! 126 beats per minute to be exact. (They like to see over 120 at 8 weeks. We are only at 7 weeks, so all good signs.)

Those two little gray lines are the heart. Along with our first little EKG.

Baby is about the size of 10 dimes stacked up, or 10mm. Up from 2mm last week. The round circle is the yolk sac. Above is the little bean.

After the scan we met with the nurse practitioner. Apparently she had reviewed last weeks scans and was preparing all week to give us bad news, or a new course of action. She was happily surprise at the nice strong heart beat today, and I swear she was more excited than we were. She was very positive. Stated last week we looked like we were a little behind in growth, but over the past week, we've caught right up. 

Hubby and I are still being cautious and attempting not too get too excited. Although we have made it further in growth than our first pregnancy. And my Hcg is higher than our first pregnancy as well. But going through this again at the exact same time of year as before, has us super worried. I really don't think I'll truly breath a sigh of relief until we reach 13 weeks. (Only 6 more to go.)

And here is our first official belly shot. Exactly 7 weeks. Hubby thinks I'm starting to show. Belly is just starting to stick out a little. (Also check out our new entryway decor! Do we like?) Could I be any paler? 

As of right now we are officially no longer patients at RSC! Hooray! We will begin seeing our OB next week. Our first consult with them is on Monday. I am beyond glad they now have an office in our home town, right around the corner. Makes life so much easier.

The receptionist gladly said her good byes and wished us luck. It has been great to have such nice, caring people getting us to this point. RSC has been wonderful this time around. So thorough, and understanding. Thanks to them, we are happily 7 weeks pregnant.


  1. LOVE IT! So glad to hear things are going well! I will continue to think of you guys!

  2. Glad to hear... take care.. Hope everything will fine until delivering... :)