Monday, November 5, 2012

2 Days and Counting

What a great weekend! And a perfect distraction. We headed out of work early on Friday, and headed up to Waterville Valley for the wedding of one of my dearest friends. We arrived around 5:30 and hauled all our stuff up to our condo. Then headed over to the bride and groom's suite.

Spent Friday evening among friends with a family style potluck dinner. Some drinks (not for me of course). Lots of desserts. And a few games. I was wiped around 7pm, as per usual. I snuck off a few times, and ended up getting in my pjs around 9pm. Yoga pants seem to become a dear friend over the past week. Between cramping and some serious bloating, elastics are like heaven.

Now I rarely sleep well in other places, which I am used to. I always pack ear plugs now, and keep to my normal nightly routine. Brush. Wash my face. Put on my noise machine. Read for about 30 mins, or until my eyes get heavy. I'm guessing I was asleep by 10:30.

At 3:15 I woke up, for some reason I had ripped my ear plugs out, and my bladder was feeling like it might explode. So I tip toed to the bathroom where I released, what felt like, a gallon of water. Then crept back into bed. And at 5:20, my bladder was feeling full again. So off I went for round 2. Then round 3 at 7:30. So needless to say, I slept like shit. But was amazingly pretty much awake all day.

The wedding was gorgeous, and the bride looked absolutely stunning. Exceptional food for dinner, and surrounded by friends. What more can you ask for? Oh, about no intense cramps so you can enjoy the reception? Around 7pm, I was so completely consumed by exhaustion. I usually spend the entire evening on the dance floor. Instead spent most of the night in my seat. I made the mistake of wearing Spanx, seeing as I feel like a fat blob at the moment. Those ended up getting taken off around 9pm, and shoved in hubby's coat.

Reception wrapped up around 10pm, at which time we headed back to our condo to change. And yes, out came the yoga pants. There wasn't a chance in hell I was putting on jeans. Yoga pants, long sleeve shirt, and down vest. We headed back down to the local bar where there was a 70's themed birthday party complete with wigs, Go Go boots, bell bottoms, the works. Attempted to dance a little more, but headed out around 11:30.

Saturday night, I slept great. Thank the Lord! From about midnight to 7am, which was technically 8am with day light savings time. But again, was woken up by a full bladder, otherwise I probably would have slept for several more hours. We packed up and headed home around 10am. Dropped off our friend, and stepped in our front door around  12:30. At which time, I again threw on some yoga pants, and curled up on the sofa with hubby. Ended up taking a much needed 2 hour nap.

Definitely felt some intense implantation cramping after our nap. So glad we took the day to lounge and relax, I certainly needed it. Only 2 days left until the blood test. My impatience has definitely gotten the best of me though, so I have an idea of what the results will be.

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