Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 more days

I'm officially 4 days in to my 12 day wait, and let me tell you, this shit is torturous! Every cramp, twinge, stomach turn, flatulence sends my emotions racing. Now I understand that all these things can be chalked up to me just being plain old crazy, but I must say there are several things forcing me to believe that we may exactly be the P word.

1. Nauseous- 

Began Sunday morning, and has continued. It's mainly prior to eating breakfast. I've been sticking to my VegaOne protein smoothie in the mornings to help keep me balanced, hydrated and packed with nutrients. I'm pretty sure it's helping. Probably because it takes me about 3 hours to finish it. So about every 5-10 mins I take a sip. I've found snacking and eating every 2-3 hours seems to be ideal.

2. Cramping- 

I started feeling it as early as Saturday. Yes, this can definitely be from the catheter and transfer procedure. But honestly, yesterday and today it has intensified. To the point yesterday evening that I almost took some Tylenol. And supposedly day 4 post transfer is when the little ones really starting nuzzling in and implanting. (Do your thang embryos! I can take it!)

3. Exhaustion- 

Good Lord am I tired! Mornings I'm usually pretty much wide awake, but by the afternoon I am crawling my way to the sofa. I'm usually one of those people who "runs" instead of walks at a normal pace. So when I attempt to move at my normal race speed, it's like I've been hit by a truck and can only move at a zombie's crawl. It literally feels like my uterus is slowing me down, holding me back from moving too quickly.

4. Flatulence- 

Yeah, that dreaded thing that happens to us all. Thankfully it seems to be only bad around evening time. Let's hope it stays that way. (We recently watched What To Expect When You're Expecting, and every time I relieve gas, I think of Elizabeth Banks trying to convince her husband that "It's the babies!")

5. Craving-

Chocolate. Candy. Anything sweet pretty much. Mostly chocolate though.
Vegetables. Yeah, complete opposites, I know. But every time I go to eat, I keep finding myself asking if it has ample nutrients for the little ones trying to grow. And I re-evaluate, and end up choosing something healthier, something with a higher veggie content.

6. Feeling-

The P word. Yes. I feel like I am. (But honestly, it could be the fact that I just want to be so badly. Mind games, ya know?) However, if you asked me flat out and I could not lie, I'd say yes. (Shhhhh, don't tell!)

Unfortunately, all these things can be from the progesterone and estrogen they have me taking. Every single one of them, except the Feeling. All the other symptoms can be caused by any number of things. So for now, I will continue to keep my emotions at bay, continue trying to eat healthier, and focus on getting through the next 8 days. Preferably without taking a home test. (Well, maybe just one?)

8 more long, torturous days to go, oh boy.

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