Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Evening

As I sit here with the screen lit, New England is preparing for it's first hurricane in a long time. Instead of running off to the super market to stock up on food and supplies to prepare, we headed to the supermarket for snacks for the Pats game. (Which they kicked ass!) While we were walking through the produce section, a woman pulled her carriage up next to us. Sitting in her extra long carriage, were two beautiful twin girls. Complete with sparkly red shoes.

Hubby and I looked at each other, and smiled.

As early as Saturday, I have had mild to light cramping. I was pretty tired too. Which both are expected after the transfer.

The transfer.

It went well. We saw several other couples having their 3 day transfers as well, saw them first on Tuesday at our egg retrieval. One woman was apparently nervous as hell, as she clung to her husband and confessed "I didn't think I wanted the Valium, but now I want it!" He gracefully gave in to her request. The poor girl was sweating pretty bad too, as a nurse tried to wrap her with a warm blanket. She looked up and said "Do I have to have this?" "Oh no" the nurse said. "Good because I am so warm right now" Poor girl.

We got to talking with them, turns out they have secondary infertility. They were able to conceive their son on their own 2 years ago, without any problems. But when it came around for number two, they had no such luck. 3 fresh IVF cycles, 1 embryo each later, they were back to try 2 embryos. They are apparently just as worried as we are about having twins.


That's what is currently in my uterus. Out of the 3 embryos, 2 were 8 cells, Grade A, and with very little fragmentation. The 3rd was only 6 cells, with high amounts of fragmentation. They do not believe it will reach cryo phase. The 2 healthy embryos were shown to us on a screen in out transfer room, prior to the actual transfer. One of the little guys, the one on the left to be exact, was doing somersaults. I kid you not. The little guy was moving around like crazy. (Hubby and I think he was hooting and hollering as he rolled around in his droplet of water. How fun.) The one on the right was far more serious. Probably rolling her eyes at her brother. At least I hope.

So as I lay there, with my lady parts exposed to one doctor, a nurse, an ultra sound tech, and a lab tech, my husband and I held hands and fought back tears of excitement. Everything has gone so well, and smoothly, we keep hoping that these two little ones are our take home babies. We hope there's two, but will welcome whatever ends up happening. Because after all, we have no control over this. Just hope.

Blood test isn't for another 10 days, but I already know what I'm feeling. Hoping it remains the same.

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