Monday, October 15, 2012

I have a secret......and a cyst.

Remember me? Yes I've deserted you for far too long. We've spent months contemplating what to do, and what to try next. After months of discussions and hopeful prayers that Napro would be the answer, we've thrown up our white flag. It was not a decision we came to lightly or quickly. I've been keeping it a secret and I'd first like to apologize.

The journey to conceive has been a long bumpy one for us. In choosing to blog, I've stripped myself from all elements of surprise for both family and friends. Something I was hoping to preserve this time around. I have this serious issue with keeping my mouth shut though. With that said, this has been a long awaited post.

No, I'm not pregnant.

But I hope to be soon!

We've gone back to IVF. We have our reasons, all of which I was questioning from the moment we began discussing it again. Until we had some updated testing done, which just confirmed the fact that we made the right choice. Although hubby's numbers have tested significantly improved in January, they have since dropped again.

So here we are. Round 2 of IVF.

I started Lupron injections about 2 weeks ago. And of course, I had a cyst. Normally when you are on Lupron, your ovaries are calm and not producing estrogen. Mine however have always had a mind of there own. So I was not surprised at my first blood work and ultrasound to discover I had a cyst, consistently producing estrogen. So 4 days later they tested again. And sure enough, that sucker was still there causing problems. Most docs will not move forward to the stimulation meds if you have a cyst. Cysts tend to suck up most of the meds, continue to grow, and hinder any development of other follicles. Major problem child.

My doctor is pretty proactive, and recommended a cyst aspiration. So last Friday, I went in, and they drained the darn thing. Small surgical procedure that went perfectly smooth. Went back in on Saturday for another round of blood and ultrasound. Cyst was gone. Estrogen had dropped. Yay!

Saturday evening began stimulation meds, Gonal F to be exact. I've apparently already started creating follicles on my own, 4 on the right, and 7 on the left. Go ovaries! Now with the Gonal F, hopefully a few more will pop up and create some healthy mature eggs.

Next check in is Wed morning. More blood and another ultrasound. Crossing my fingers these eggs form properly and abundantly. Gonal F can last anywhere from 7 days to 14. Next step will be egg retrieval.

My goal this time around is to focus on each step. Attempt to not get ahead of myself. Let my body do it's "thang" and pray all goes well. So far, the Lupron has made me super tired. At one point I was napping in my car on my lunch breaks. No joke. I've woken up pretty sweaty a few times, seems to have passed. And recently, the constipation has set in. TMI? Oh the joys of IVF.

I hope you'll join me on this roller coaster ride!

Gosh it feels good to write again.......

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