Friday, September 28, 2012

Take a day

For those of us who's second job has become trying to get pregnant, you start to feel like you should be able to take sick days. Am I wrong? Honestly, trying to conceive is a job for those of us with known issues. Even for some of us who it just seems to take longer for. You work full time, and at your job no matter how hard you try, you are always reading into your body too closely. You wonder what that cramp was, or if the meds they have you testing are causing side effects, or actually working. You're preoccupied.

I swear this week, I just need a sick day. A day to relax on the sofa, watch movies all day, and be a slug. Let's face it, our bodies and minds are going through hell. I had a chat recently with a new friend who struggled to conceive and ended up going through IVF. And she said "Women going through IVF are just as stressed as women going through cancer."

What does that tell you people?!

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