Friday, October 19, 2012

Making Eggs is Hard Work

I know what you're thinking. We females make eggs every month. And usually don't even feel or realize it. Each ovary will begin growing several follicles on each side. And somehow your pituitary gland decides which one's turn it is, and which follicle is ready. Thus creating ovulation. Something else most women don't even feel.

However, when you're being pumped with meds to make as many grow as possible (to obscene sizes so that they can be harvested) it feels a 'lil different.

1. Your ovaries begin feeling like water balloons. (We've covered that already.)

2. Your body is working so hard in creating these eggs, you get sluggish very easily. Meaning as I stand to walk somewhere, my body decides to go from my normal marathon pace, to about a 92 year old's. So if you see me this weekend, you'll know why I'm lingering.

3. Your conscience of the eggs, so even leaning or bending over inhibits severe panic that one will burst. (I'm not kidding. I'm currently typing leaning as far back in my chair as possible. Crazy? Probably.)

4. You start to get "menopause" brain, meaning focusing on anything has become a chore. (Am I right you post menopausal ladies?)

5. You can't remember shit! Wait....what was I going to say? Insert puzzled look here.

6. You start guessing when egg retrieval might be, based on your egg growth reports from the nurse. Maybe Monday? Tuesday? That means transfer is......

7. All you want to eat is pizza. (Maybe that's just me. If we're being honest, that's really nothing new. You can ask my husband.)

So today, I'm happy to report we have underdogs pulling ahead! They wait to pull them when they begin reaching 20. (And I think I'm uncomfortable now.....sigh.)

Estrodiol: 701
LH: 2.21

Left side:

Right side:

That's 10 possible embryos! That's 3 more possible eggs for retrieval, from just 2 days ago! Yay! Back in on Sunday (ugh) for more blood work and another ultrasound. Every step brings us closer though. 2 more nights of Lupron at 5cc, and Gonal F at 150. Fingers crossed for next week!!!!

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts, prayers and energy you are all sending! I know I can feel it, and it's making a huge difference, both physically and mentally! Love to you all!

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