Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a Man's World

Sunday morning, Halloween. We are up at 6am, showering and heading out the door. We get to the doctor's about 7:20am. The nurses greet us and escort me to the bathroom to change into a robe. We are brought to one of the 5 semi private gurneys and are given heated blankets. They administer my IV with fluids and Cyro. The antibiotic Cypro is to ensure I do not get any infections from the procedure. It's precautionary.

At 8am, Hubby is brought to a private room for his "retrieval". The room is equipped with a leather sofa, tv, dvds and magazines. I'm stuck on a gurney in a hospital robe and my husband is given every luxury to perform his task. It really is a man's world.

He returns prior to my procedure. He waits with me as the short, rotund anesthesiologist waddles over. He asks a couple routine questions then waddles away. A nurse comes over after and walks me to the surgical room. I'm given the anesthesia and am out cold in about 30 seconds. I wake up about an hour later back on the gurney with my husband. I'm given a Ginger Ale and some crackers and eat them slowly. It takes about 30 mins before I'm comfortable to get up. Hubby helps me dress and we leave.

My lower abdomen is swollen and in pain. I am only able to take Tylenol to relieve the pain. I slept for a couple hours on the sofa. Ate a little. All in all, I feel okay. The nurse recommended drinking Gatorade and eating a high protein diet to help keep fluids from building up in my body. She also explained that my eggs would be injected with my husband's sperm that day. They will watch the embryos grow and phone us on Tuesday. Hubby left this morning for Nashville, so either way he will miss the transfer. So now, I just wait. Tuesday we will know more.

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  1. Celia, left you a note the other day and it was there but now I see that it is gone. Whatever? Anyway, keeping prayers with you that all goes well and your soon feeling elated from happy news! ~ sarah