Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7 Little Embryos Sitting In a Dish....

The last couple days I have been in a decent amount of pain. My lower abdomen has been really swollen and sore. This morning I woke up feeling alot better. The swelling has subsided and the pain is bearable.

Liz, my nurse coordinator just phoned. (You really do learn as you go in this process. As soon as you think you understand the process, something new is stated.) So she has called to schedule my transfer for tomorrow. My first question is "Do none of them look good?!" She quickly responds no. They always tentatively schedule the transfer on day 3. Because the embryos can change drastically from hour to hour, they schedule on day 3, call the morning of and either confirm or push it off to day 5.

So as of right now, my arrival time tomorrow is 1:30pm and my transfer time is 2:30pm. I was told by the nurses on Sunday that they suggest Valium, a muscle relaxer, to be taken the day of transfer. Being the hippie that I am, that doesn't sound ideal to me. Especially when I am trying to convince a petri-dish grown embryo that it now belongs in my nice warm body. Let's add some drugs to the mix...no thank you! Thankfully, Liz agreed with me that taking the Valium isn't necessary. I am however going to be having the acupuncture done the day after transfer. (whatever helps)

Liz also stated that I have a total of 7 embryos growing. Somehow we have gone from 16 follicles, to 11 eggs to 7 embryos. I'm just happy the little guys are growing!!! Fingers crossed that they look good enough to wait till Friday.

Grow little embryos grow! Mommy & Daddy love you and can't wait to meet you!


  1. I know in my heart that this going to work for you.

  2. Auntie too! Grow little ones grow! Fingers crossed they can hold out for their daddy on Friday! Hugs to you all. xoxox