Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friday's The Big Day

Ok, so all those dreams and weird feelings I've been having about twins, is hopefully out the window. We got word this morning that our little embryos are growing well and our transfer day will be Friday. Hubby was supposed to fly home Thursday, but because of the conference timing, he will be flying home Friday morning. I have been told that the transfers are done in the afternoons. I am going to put a call into the doctor today though, to see if we can be last or near the end of the day. Just to be sure hubby can be there.

(Part of writing this blog is to be as honest as possible with my readers. So I apologize ahead of time for any family members reading this. You may want to skip this part.)

The second thing I need to talk to the doctor about is my nipples. Yes, I know, no one wants to hear about them. But ever since my procedure on Sunday, the have been so erect I feel like they are going to start shooting laser beams. Now whether this is due to the change in temperatures, or they hit something down there, it is starting to hurt. Never mind the fact that I am becoming that obnoxious girl who's nipples are always showing. This is a serious problem. My breast are also extremely sore all the time. Nothing seems to be helping either problem.

My goal for the next couple of days is to have a couple moderate work outs and continue my yoga. I am hoping in doing so my cervix will be a nicely relaxed muscle. Saturday I have already scheduled to have acupuncture done. I will continue to remain as calm as possible and keep channeling positive energy to my uterus. :) (I can't help but think of "Knocked Up" when her sister has about a million Red Bulls and says "POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE". That's the current image in my head.)


  1. One more day!! More positive thoughts your way!

  2. Is it a little bizarre for me to say that I'll be thinking of you on Friday while you're having your procedure done?

  3. Not bizarre at all. :)
    Thank you both for all of your love and support!