Friday, November 19, 2010

Laughter Cures Everything

What is it about November that has me jinxed? To catch you up to speed, last two weeks have been extremely difficult. Between family members in hospice care, another one diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, one having surgery and another one having heart failure, it has been two stressful weeks. Although I've been feeling pretty calm, apparently I have been putting too much stress on my body.

I drove, for what I expected to be, my last round of blood work. Didn't stall or go the wrong way down a one way today, so it started off pretty good. No pouring rain, no horrible drivers. They drew my blood, then I ran home for a quick breakfast, packed and booked it out the door. Filling in at the gym, my phone rings finally around 1:15. The nurse explains that my hCG levels are at 637, which they hoped would be around 800 by now. She explains that it's nothing to panic about, I could simply be one of those people who's levels just don't increase at the same rate. Why would my body do anything right? Story of my life.

So, I still feel good about this pregnancy. I'm staying positive in light of the news. I'm not giving up on this little guy/gal. It's time for some extreme relaxation and pampering. Starting with a much needed girls night to laugh my sorrows away. Followed by a 4th round of blood work Sunday morning. Until then, time for a little R&R....

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  1. I'm thinking only positive things you for :-)