Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 Weeks

Yesterday morning I headed back to the doctor's to have a second round of blood work. It was pouring rain yet again therefore every horrible driver decided to come out. Took an extra 10 mins to get there and I ended up going the wrong way down a one way. Oh well.

For the first time in my life, I was finally able to watch the nurse draw the blood from my arm. I guess that's what happens, a little desensitization after months of giving yourself injections.

I thankfully received the phone call from the nurse around 3pm. My hCG level has continued to rise which means the little poppy seed inside me is still growing. I also learned that they ask for three days of blood work just the ensure things are going smoothly. They also schedule a 7 week ultrasound to check on the fetus, heart beat and how many babies are really in there. Seeing as they only implanted one embryo, I'm praying that's how many have grown.

As for side affects, the nausea has continued and intensified. At about 10am, my stomach is continuously flipping. My skin has been really itchy for a few days now, not sure if it's related. My appetite has gotten bigger and I swear my uterus has already grown. Hubby thinks I'm just super excited, so it's all in my head. However I did get him to agree last night that my lower region seems a little more obtrusive.

As for right now, I'm 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant and couldn't be happier! Tomorrow morning is more blood work, then off for a much deserved girls night.


  1. Wow, i haven't read your blog in a long time, and i just saw it pop on my facebook for the first time in while (its kim sullivan!). First of all, congratulations, im so happy for you both! Secondly - I am almost 6 months pregnant now - all of your crazy symptoms will eventually subside, give it another 2 months or so! Although, I actually secretly kind of liked them (sometimes even the nausea) because it meant that i was REALLY pregnant!
    Its totally NOT in your head, you do start getting hungry right away, and nauseous! My husband said the same thing haha :)

    Ill keep my fingers crossed for you guys that everything goes smoothly! Also, remember that plenty of people hit little bumps in the road during their pregnancy, so if you do, dont let it discourage you, just stay strong and positive!

    Good luck and congrats again!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts every day. Remember to relax and treat yourself well. The baby will appreciate it!