Thursday, November 11, 2010


So there isn't much to report today. I've been taken over by a cold the last couple of days, so the exhaustion has really set in. I'm continuing to have cramping which has thankfully toned down a little. I am still getting tired at 3pm every day but the nauseous has subsided. It has been replaced with dizziness and irritation. I notice myself losing patience much quicker than usual, and trying to do anything at more than a snails pace, makes my head spin. The past couple of days, even with a cold, I can smell everything and everything smells bad. Woke up to the dog about 2 feet from my face and all I could smell was whiffs of poop, which was no where in sight thankfully.

I am continuing to pray that these are all legitimate signs and I'm not fabricating them in my mind. As much as I know they are real, I am still truly worried that this hasn't worked. We have waited two years to see a positive pee stick that turns into a pregnancy and hope that this is it. As optimistic as I've tried to remain, there is always that feeling of doubt that creeps in. (We have laid out this little fleece pj set covered in a rubber ducky pattern hoping that it will help.)

I've done all the research on cribs and mattresses, fabric diapers and I really feel ready now. God always has a plan and no matter how badly you want something, there's always a right time. Although it has been painful to wait two years, I really feel it's been for the best. We are more ready now than we ever have been. Those two years have let us truly prepare for what we are wishing. (Although you can never be really prepared to have children, you can feel prepared.) We've had five great years alone enjoying our marriage and life. It's time to invite a little one into our world. I hope this one is it. :)

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  1. I hope so too. You have been through a lot together. Time to expereince the pure joy of parenthood.