Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh So Tired....

Friday morning I headed off to the embryo transfer alone in the pouring rain. We assumed that the appointment would be in the afternoon, and hubby would be home by then. However, I was scheduled for 11:50am with arrival time of 10:50am. Therefore, no Hubby.

Upon arrival I am asked to drink about three large glasses of water. This is to ensure that your bladder is full during the procedure. The bladder acts as a door or a window depending on if it's empty of full. She also informs me that from the day prior to today, a few of our embryos have become blastocytes. A blastocyte indicates that the embryo has divided so many times it now contains over 100 cells. This is great news! The one they will be implanting is an extreme blastocyte, meaning it is well past the 100 cells. We have about 3 others at the same stage that will be able to be frozen as well.

At about 11:30 I'm brought into a private transfer room. (Odd thing #1: The nurse's name assigned to me was Vallorie, the same as my mother in law.) She gives me two warm sheets to wrap around myself. Then I sit and wait. The room is pretty standard, except it has a door on either side. One leading to the hall, the other leads directly into the lab. Through the doorway I can hear them listening to the radio. Piano Man comes on, makes me smile.

At about 11:45 the ultrasound tech comes in to be sure my bladder is full. Very nice older woman who informs me that my bladder looks perfect. (Odd thing #2: She then tells me that the doctor doing the procedure today is Dr. Pang. Same name as my OB I've been seeing for a couple years. Funny little Asian man with a great sense of humor.) She also explains how the procedure is going to go.

11:50am Dr. Pang comes in. Into the stirrups I go. I have opted out for the Vallium, so at this point I'm focusing on my breathing. He inserts the catheter and the ultrasound tech places her magic wand over my uterus. The adjacent wall holds a flat screen TV that then displays our little embryo. They take it's picture and place it in my bag. The ultrasound screen is then angled towards me. The lab tech, a gorgeous man in his early thirties comes in and hands the embryo to Dr. Pang. On the screen you can see the catheter tube then a couple little bubbles come out. Then my little embryo drops right into my uterus where it floats down then rests. And there it is, our little embryo inside. I wait about 10 mins, laying down to ensure the little guys doesn't move. Then I'm off.

(This is our little embryo)

Hubby arrived home at about 3. We snuggled on the couch until 4 then left for my acupuncture appointment. I had 6 needles on both sides of my body. Two in the ear, one in the hand, one in the thigh, one below the knee and one in the ankle. Surprisingly you do feel them, just a quick sting though. (Nothing compared to giving yourself shots twice a day.) The amazing part, I could actually feel the Chi or energy running through my body from those points. It's a pretty incredible feeling. After 10 mins, she returns to twist the needles. Then I lay for another 15 mins and I'm done.

Saturday and Sunday, 3pm I feel like I hit a wall. I'm immediately tired and feel like I need a nap. I've been slightly nauseous both days as well. My pregnancy test is scheduled for Mon. the 15th. Until then, I'll probably pee on a dozen sticks. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for all the prayers!


  1. So glad it went well! Best of luck! xoxo

  2. What a cool picture of your little embryo. Doug and Kara had IVF and were successful on the first try. They named their embryo "Singleton" cause that's what it said on the ultrasound. It meant there was only a single baby, but they thought the name was cool. I was glad they changed it to Emily when she was born, though!

  3. We are trying to stay as positive as possible. It is refreshing to hear someone had success the first try. We've heard so many stories of people having success the second time. Good to hear people did on the first.