Saturday, October 30, 2010


So the past couple of my days, my ovaries have felt like water balloons. Stuffed to the max with little eggs that are somehow protruding into my back and causing some pain. Thinking I'm being a hypochondriac, I head to my follow up blood work and ultrasound Friday morning. I thankfully get the friendly and cheerful ultrasound tech who lets you look at the screen and explains what everything is. She first starts by stating "You have a beautiful endometrium. Bet you won't hear that again today" with a smile.

She then continues to ask "Are you feeling uncomfortable at all?" I looked at her and laughed and made the water balloon comment. She chuckled and says "No wonder, you have a 24, 20.5, 19.5, 19, and 17 all on your left side!" Apparently, that's huge and impressive in the gyno world. She was being careful not to press too hard, knowing the pain it may cause. She then moved along to the right side. I have approximately 11 eggs on that side that are over 10, never mind a couple little guys hanging around. All in all I have about 16 eggs that will be mature enough. I left there feeling very happy and elated.

About 3:30 that afternoon, Nurse Liz phones. She goes over all my blood work and then reads off all of the egg counts. I am ready for retrieval!!!! I respond "Ya!", she does the same. (I love that this office gets so excited with you.) My egg retrieval is scheduled for Sunday, October 31st, Halloween at 8:30am. (Now I am seeing this as a "treat" instead of a "trick", atleast it better be the treat.) The even better news, Hubby will be able to be there with me. Most likely he'll still be in Nashville when they do the transfer, but atleast he gets to see all the eggs. This also means no freezing of his little guys.

I hang up the phone, and yup you guessed it, cried. Cut me a little slack, I'm hopped up on hormones and things are finally falling into place. I am trying not to get too excited because there's still two more steps.
The Steps:
1. Make embryos
2. Get pregnant
3. Stay pregnant
So everyone, please say a prayer tomorrow morning when you are hungover and covered in costume make up that the procedure goes well.
Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. That is great news! I am so happy things are going so well! I was going to call you to check but got your text first. Best of luck tomorrow, I will be thinking about you guys. (Cause yes, I will most certainly be awake long before your appointment. hahaha the joys of parenthood you are sure to see soon enough)

  2. Seems terrible to say I'm so happy you have so many eggs that your ovaries are bursting! But I am!