Monday, October 18, 2010

Another 5 Days....

Oh where to begin...

Friday morning I pulled myself out of bed at 7am, threw on a hat and hoodie and ran out the door for my appointment. Blood work and ultrasound day. I have been feeling really good this cycle and I really think it's the yoga that is making a difference. I am trying to go once a day, knowing I will miss a class here and there. If you haven't tried heated yoga, I strongly recommend you do. Talk about therapeutic! Anyways, I drive to my appointment in the freezing rain and cyclone winds we were blessed with Friday. I get my blood drawn and then sit and wait for my ultrasound. Since restarting the Lupron, I missed my period. Trust me, I'm not complaining. But I was hoping it was a good sign.

My name is called and I scurry into the room. Remove my pants and undies and wrap myself in that horribly scratchy "sheet" they provide. I crawl up onto the table and spread my legs. Ahhh, a nicely heated table, (at least there's one comforting thing). Now why is it, every nurse or ultrasound tech insists on sharing their terribly negative stories on conceiving?! Sorry lady, but I do not want to hear about your 6 tries it took to conceive through infertility treatments. That is not a motivating story I want to hear this morning. The only redeeming moment this woman had, she did tell me my ovaries were calm and suppressed. Finally, a positive moment! I try not to get too excited and keep my emotions at bay. I put my bottoms back on and walk out to my car. I begin to drive away a tear up just slightly. I am relieved and calm. Hoping this means the next step.

I get a call mid afternoon from my nurse. Although my ovaries are calm, one of my levels (which I couldn't even begin to process at that moment) was too high. She barks something about being 296 when it should be 70. She then states a few other stats that resembles an adults' voice from the Peanuts. No clue what this woman said to me except I have to wait another 5 days and repeat the blood work and ultrasound.

I am beginning to question my doctor. Why isn't she upping my dosage knowing my levels are too high and last time we tried this, I ovulated through?! Just more unanswered questions rattling around in my brain.


  1. I wonder why they wouldn't adjust your med? That's kind of strange. I'm glad things are going better! Hopefully thing will be better in five days- I'll keep you in my prayers!

  2. I would feel free to let the doctor know that her staff is sharing unsuitable stories with the patients. You certainly don't need that kind of aggravation!