Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost there

The past couple of days I have been super tired. This morning at work, I could barely keep my eyes open. Now whether that's because I did 2.5 hours of yoga last night, the dog barking at 3:30am or my body continuously trying to grow eggs, whatever it is, I'm pooped!

I woke up 10 mins late this morning, so I quickly threw some clothes on and ran out the door. The nurse had asked me to get to my appointment 10 mins early and of course I get stuck behind every horrible driver on the road. Leaving early, I got there 5 mins late. There was a new ultrasound tech there today. She seemed nice enough, very business like. She did mention that my left side had two at 19cc!!! Which was fabulous news, but all the others were around 13 still.

I got a call around 1pm from the nurse. As stated, I have 2 at 19cc and 1 at 16cc!!! Plus a bunch of others all measuring around 15-11. This is fabulous! I am to take the same two shots tonight and return tomorrow morning for another follow up. I am praying that by then the 16 will reach 17. If not, my poor husband will have to "go" in a cup Monday morning so they can freeze his little men, then book it to Manchester, NH to fly to Nashville for 4 days and he will miss everything. If I can get three by tomorrow, I will take my trigger shot Friday evening, and have the egg retrieval Sunday morning. Still at best, my husband will be states away when I possibly conceive. (Oh modern medicine.)

On a side note, I've been leaning to more of a natural way of living lately, which my husband now refers to me as a hippie. Yet last night, we were laying in bed and he put his hand over my ovaries. He was giving my eggs positive energy. Who's the hippie now? The amazing part was I could feel when he lost focus and when he was channelling positive energy. While at yoga, I kept visualizing my eggs growing and multiplying. (The power of thought is amazing, don't underestimate it.)

Back to the point of this story. I've been doing research on diapers, food, yoga, acupuncture, and I am amazed at all the information the world has to offer. I found an all natural, whole food multi vitamin called Megafoods Baby and Me, I plan on picking up today. And discovered there's research that having acupuncture the day after your embryo transfer increases your success rate by 65%!!!! There are several super foods you should eat while trying to conceive as well: maca, royal jelly and spirulina. If you're thinking you will be starting IVF in the near future, start eating and taking these things now. It is recommended to begin 90 days prior to IVF treatments.

Tonight's plan: nap, hot yoga, nutritious dinner, shots, relax.

(Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers! We are so lucky to have such an amazing support system!)


  1. OMG!! YAY!! That is amazing news!

  2. I am so excited for you guys!! Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow!