Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things That Are...

No Longer Comfortable

1. Putting on shoes. (Bending. Enough said)
2. Shoes of any kind. (Except my Birkenstocks)
3. Sitting at a desk all day. (Holy tailbone pain)
4. Rolling over in my sleep. (I might just pull a back muscle one night)
5. A full bladder. (Try walking to the bathroom with a kids head pressing on it)
6. Being kicked in the bladder. (That was really never comfortable, more so now)
7. Sitting up straight. (Baby girl kicks like crazy)
8. Getting in and out of the car. (Swinging legs is the only way)
9. Pants with the demi elastic band. (It just digs into baby girl's head, which she hates)
10. Clasp front bras. (Damn clasp just digs into my belly)
11. Standing for long periods of time. (I now find myself rocking back and forth.)
12. Sitting for long periods of time. (Fluid builds up in legs and feet)
13. Walking for long periods of time. (Back starts to hurt like hell)

Giving Me Anxiety

1. I'm full term in 2 weeks.
2. The idea that she could be late.
3. There's a carseat in my minvan.
4. I'm almost done with work, 5 more days.
5. I've started prepping for birth with some natural inducers.
6. Our doctor's appointments are only 1 week apart now.
7. The next time I see our little girl will be in my arms.
8. I've started perineal massage.
9. I haven't practiced my relaxation techniques in a couple weeks.
10. Knowing she can hear my every word.
11. Late sleepless nights in our future.
12. A screaming baby, and not knowing what she needs.
13. The possibility of losing my mind.
14. She gets hiccups every time I eat.

Making Me Happy

1. Seeing her room 90% complete.
2. Feeling her move during her awake periods.
3. Knowing it's only a few more weeks until we meet her.
4. Wondering what she'll look like.
5. Watching my husband interact with her.
6. Feeling her move when she hears him speak.
7. Ice cream.
8. Imagining her and I going for walks every day together.
9. Knowing I can go back to Bikram yoga when she arrives.
10. Watching my belly move non stop, sometimes for an hour.
11. How excited our family and friends are to meet her.
12. I'm going to have parts of the summer and fall off.

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