Friday, June 14, 2013

Maternity Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

This past Sunday, we met Deirdre from Deirdre Rakus Photography in Worcester at Elm Park for our maternity photo shoot. Deirdre and I went to college together, and she is amazingly talented! We were so happy she was able to accommodate us for our maternity photos. (She'll also be doing our newborn photo shoot when our little girl arrives!)

She made us both so comfortable throughout the shoot. Both Chris and I hate having our pictures taken, but we knew we wanted to have some professional photos done to remember this pregnancy. I am so glad we had them done, and done by Deirdre! She truly was a blessing to work with, always making sure we were positioned correctly, and making us both feel at ease.

This one is definitely our favorite so far! It was a spur of the moment shot Deirdre thought of as we were walking by this gorgeous weeping willow tree towards the end of the shoot. Although in the moment we felt silly just staring at each other, she definitely captured our pure happiness we feel with our growing family. And yes, I'm that much shorter than hubby.

So glad we have some of just the belly! I was a little nervous having shots of my mid section, but it came out pretty darn cute. The stripes definitely helped "accentuate" things. 

Love that the park had some little ponds throughout. It made for a great background. (Oh, and thank you Deirdre for putting your logo over my puffy ankle!) We all had on our Sperrys for the shoot.

And our baby girls came along too. How adorable are those mini sparkly Sperrys?! This girl's shoe closet is about to trump mine! Pretty sure she has at least a dozen pairs of shoes already, and she's still in utero! (And no, I haven't bought any shoes for her, they have all been gifts from friends and family.)

This was one of the first shots of the evening. We were still getting into the groove of things. Can you tell we're both a little nervous? I have that look like "I'm not so sure about this". Thankfully we got more comfortable as time went on.

Thanks again to Deirdre for getting these to us so quickly! 
Can't wait to see the rest in the coming weeks!

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