Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3rd Trimester Food Struggles

Most expectant moms find eating in the first and possible second trimester the most challenging. I on the other hand had no problems eating during my 1st & 2nd. My appetite wasn't bad at all, and I could handle eating all my regular foods, minus fish tacos. That was really the only thing that made me gag.

So all in all, I've been extremely lucky. And I'm not saying that my luck has run out, but it's definitely changed. I've been craving mainly fruits and vegetables over the last 8.5 months. Which works well for me seeing as I'm vegetarian. I have been wanting a lot of chocolate throughout, but that could also be because I've surrendered to the need, and now probably addicted to sugar again.

It really wasn't until the 8 month that my appetite has morphed into some bad habits. I've been wanting ice cream pretty much every night. It didn't help that we tried Orange Leaf recently for the first time, and that's now all I want. At least it's yogurt, right? But still, too much ice cream has made me one puffy mama to be. So much so that this picture from our weekend away has me totally freaked out.

That's one round, jolly looking face. (And my breasts are absolutely enormous.)

Back to food.... So what's really changed this month? I'm not quite sure. But I do know that each day has been different. Some days the thought of food makes me a little queesy. My appetite is so small on those days, and when I do eat, nothing tastes exceptionally well. Other days I'm starving, and can't seem to get enough calories or nutrients. And on those days, I could pretty much eat a whole box of these little things

Not ideal, but at least they are a healthier alternative to Cheez Its. I do stick to my morning smoothie every week day to start the day off right. And my morning snack is usually a piece of fruit, or organic fruit leather. On occasion I'll have a handful of trail mix. Lunch is whatever sounds tempting that day. Last week it was watermelon, hummus & crackers. Most days it's a wrap or sandwich though. Afternoon snack, I try to have an apple since my energy is sucked dry at about 2pm. Apples apparently have the same amount of energy building components as a cup of caffeinated tea. (Or am I just telling myself that to help me wake up?) Dinner, well that depends on the day. I've been trying to cook most nights, but there's been nights I get home and just curl on the sofa. If I do cook, it's always a protein, 1 or 2 veggies and possibly some grains. 

My goal for this week is to make some big batches of grains (quinoa and brown rice) and freezing individual servings so that I have them on hand. I also want to start prepping some ready made meals for after baby girl arrives. I'll probably spend the week gathering some recipes and start cooking in a couple of weeks. All vegetarian suggestions are welcome. I am going to try to cut out as much dairy as possible as well. (I know, that means no more cheddar crackers.)

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