Tuesday, June 4, 2013

34 Weeks

Baby Size: 
Butternut Squash
19.5" long  
5.5 lbs



Monkey, she does not stop moving 

Baby Changes: 

  • She can recognize simple songs, lullabys
  • She's urinating about a pint a day
  • She may drop lower into the birth canal, prep for birth
  • She's putting more pressure on my bladder
  • She's very active during the day
  • She does not like when I sit up straight, or forward. 

Weight Gain: 
No clue, but got a lot of walking in over the weekend, and some swimming

  • Fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Crab rangoon


Nothing, but I've definitely had days where nothing sounds appetizing, nor tastes good.


This is just kind of a joke now.

Body Changes: 

I pee every hour, on the hour, sometimes more. I've been drinking a lot of water too, and always feel dehydrated. (Could be the excessive heat this weekend.) Her movements are much more noticeable now as her space is getting more cramped. I can only eat in small increments, so I basically snack all day long. Still rocking the club foot. Still getting winded very easily. Falling asleep between 9-10. I wake up every 4 hours pretty much, but fall right back to sleep. I'm a lot warmer than I used to be, especially when I sleep. My fingers are now swollen enough that I can't get my rings on. My legs are retaining so much water that they are super tight. My face is apparently swollen as well. Yay.

Worst Moment this Week: 

I have about a dozen bug bites from this weekend. Apparently all the extra blood is attracting the damn mosquitoes. 

Best Moment this Week: 

Taking a mini baby moon this past weekend. Lots of relaxation and sun. Oh, and water/swimming. So nice to feel weightless in the water, and stretch out my back!

Looking Forward To: 
Our maternity photo shoot with Deirdre Rakus Photography this weekend! (Hoping the weather cooperates.)

Completed this week: 
  • Finished writing all of our Thank Yous from the shower
  • Things to complete: 
    • order glider cushions
    • sign up for infant CPR class
    • prime & paint the changing table (for downstairs bath)
    • prime & paint the dresser 
    • paint glider
    • hang her mobile
    • pack hospital bag
    • install the car seat/get inspected
    • finish washing the rest of her clothes
    • practice breathing techniques
    • practice hypno techniques
    • start perineal massage
  • Frustrations with being pregnant, mostly the swelling
  • Trip to camp (aka- my grandmother's lake house)
  • Time wearing a bathing suit pregnant, yikes!

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