Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From Not Trying to 13 Vials

Yesterday I attempted to cancel my 3 month follow up with Dr. C scheduled for today. Seeing as we are taking a needed break, hubby and I decided it would probably be best to forgo the appointment and reschedule for after vacation. Then I was told I'd have to pay $100 cancellation fee.

It was pretty silly to drive all the way to work for 8am, then have to leave at 8:45am, so I took the morning to pull myself together and conjure up a plan of what to say to this man. I arrived for my appointment at 9:30am and patiently sat in the waiting room until 9:45am until Barbara came to take me in. Barbara happens to be my Creighton Model teacher, but works part time for Dr. C. She's a bubble of energy every time I see her.

She takes my weight, blood pressure, and pulse. Then we open up my charting, and begin looking things over. Seeing as I've been charting once a week, things aren't 100% accurate. But they are good enough. (I haven't been charting everyday. I find I become obsessed with it which contributed to my break down.) She notices the same thing I do. This month has been my best cycle in over 4 months. However, my mucus cycle is longer than usual, which can indicate an ovarian cyst. So that was briefly discussed.

She soon leaves and Dr. C comes in about 10 mins later. And then it began.

I had everything worked out in my head. But his slow approach always seems to throw me off. He takes some time to look over my chart, then glances at his past notes. We then begin discussing that Chris and I are taking a slight break, mostly from the meds. We aren't "trying", but we aren't being careful. He agrees that that may be a good idea, for us mentally. He said he cringed when he saw that I was on his schedule for today, because we've been struggling and trying for so long. (He truly cares.)

As we talk, we somehow end up discussing the following. Don't ask me how, or in what order, but this is what he has come up with. (At least what I left with.)

1. He wants to retest my thyroid levels, seeing as I've been off the meds for awhile. If the levels are up, I'll be going back on Levothyroxine.

2. He wants to test my Progesterone and Estrogen levels, verify if I have a cyst or not.

3. He wants me to go back on Low Dose Naltrexone. He believes there is something definitely wrong with my body, and that it is not working properly. We're not sure what it is, but he's hoping the Naltrexone will help to bring my energy levels back up and my immune system working properly. We did discuss the lack of sleep issue when I was on it last. He suggested if that happens again, I should be open to taking something for sleeping. Not what I wanted to hear.

4. Blood work for several other antibodies, not sure the names. They will help to rule out if there may be an auto immune disease that we have missed. We discussed Chrohn's Disease as well, but he's pretty sure it's not that. He did do an external pressure exam on my abdomen, and I had a lot of tenderness, especially near where my large intestine meets my small intestine. (Inflammation in the small intestine is Chrohn's Disease apparently.) He said "Go on vacation and relax. We'll discuss that next time." So for the moment, I'm attempting to rid it my from memory.

5. HCG shots were also discussed. Seeing as I have inflammation continuously in my body, he thinks the HCG shots may be a better alternative to Progesterone and Piroxicam. HCG shots are taken post peak, days +3, +5, +7, and +9. The shots help your growing baby during crucial implantation time, and helps your body with inflammation as well. Therefore replacing Progesterone and Piroxicam. However, some insurances don't cover them, so we'll be looking into that as well when we return from vacation.

6. Continue taking Pycnogenol every day. It seems to be making a huge difference with the inflammation. And until we can determine what's causing it, it will help with the pain.

7. Gluten, Soy, Milk. Without bringing up diet, Dr. C starts discussing tests conducted in Europe. They apparently have a broad scale blood test they do on foods and allergies. Here in the US, we for some reason don't believe in it. But the 3 major issues that arise in most people's testing, were sensitivities or allergies to glutens, soy and milk proteins. (Funny, since that's what I've been trying to rid my diet of.) We then discussed vegan diet and going gluten free again. Apparently I am to truly start eating gluten and dairy free, and eat minimal soy. He believes I'm probably allergic to at least 2 of the 3. And for some reason, hearing a doctor say I'm allergic to these things, affects my self control to eat them. So tomorrow starts Day 1 (again) of gluten & dairy free. (Which should be a challenge on vacation, hopefully not though.)

8. Take Piroxicam this cycle. He said even though you aren't "trying", this is a good cycle, and you just never know. It won't hurt to take it. (Hopefully they won't find it hidden in my luggage this weekend.)

9. Enjoy Vacation! Per Barbara & Dr. C.

Our follow up is scheduled for June 5th. We have a month to chat and discuss what we want to do next. I will hopefully get a call from Dr. C this week with the test results. 13 vials!!! That so far is my number to beat. I didn't even feel faint. I probably will though when I receive the bill.


  1. I know you're not trying now, but I feel like a lot of this is good general health information for you to have. So, I'm glad there's healthy you progress! :)
    When I started at my infertility doctor, they drew 11 vials from me and it was required to be on an empty stomach. I left and started to loose feeling in my fingers and toes. I subsequently sat in my car and enjoyed a lovely granola bar before feeling back to normal again.
    Have a super awesome vacation!

    1. At the IVF center for the first time, they drew 7. Empty stomach and it was the first day of my (horrificly painful) period. Chris had to come get me. I spent 45 mins in the back of my SUV trying not to pass out. So when I saw 13, I almost freaked out. Thankfully not on an empty stomach though, which I think helped.
      Thanks for commenting!