Wednesday, May 23, 2012

13 Vials later.....

You'd think with that much blood, we'd get some sort of answer as to what the heck is going on this poor excuse for a body of mine. But no. The nurse phoned to say all levels are perfect. No sign of Lupus.

"Does that answer your questions?" she asked.

I laughed. No seriously, I laughed at her. Strait out laugh and simply said "No." She seemed concerned, until I continued laughing. Further stating that we now have absolutely no clue as to what is going on. She was then sympathetic.


Now what?

I somehow was able to block out all thoughts of my health on our trip, and what I may be coming home to. I am now sitting here with my mind flooded with questions. If it's not Lupus, what the hell is it? Am I losing my mind? (Don't ask my husband that.)

Can we talk about poop for a minute? (Random. I know. But I swear I have a point to make.)

So vacation was my official last hoorah with dairy and gluten. I knew it would be too difficult to eat vegan and gluten free while at an all inclusive resort in another country. What's a girl to do?! So I enjoyed every last bite of fresh fish, cheesy eggplant parmagiana, horrably bad for you nachos with cheese, oh I had it all! Including the creme brulee. Which I don't regret one bit. Did I mention the fries.....

But all those foods kept one thing from happening. Poop. Poop wasn't happening. At least not how it normally does. For those of you with Celiac Disease, you poop all the time when you eat gluten, right? But those of us with a sensitivity, we back up. At least I do. (Am I alone in this?)

And the dairy definitely didn't help. My stomach was like a vault. Only unleashing once a day which lacked the usually consistency. This did not help when I tried to feel and look confident in my two piece. My bloated belly protruded out everyday. Thank heavens for long, flowy maxi dresses.

So what's my point? Monday began my official, yes Official Gluten Free Vegan Diet. There, I've said it out loud. I attempted before vacation, but now things are serious. I felt awful when I got home. I can't even begin to describe the pain I felt with my lack of BMs.

But Monday morning, I started things off right. We grocery shopped Sunday night, so that I could have a chance to finally focus on nutrition. (I didn't even purchase any chips!) So for the past 2, 2.5 days I have been eating pristinely. And let me tell you....






Things are starting to clean themselves out. The bloating is going down. I'm starting to have more energy, and my appetite is finally back. It's amazing how quickly the affect can be. So far so good. Here's a peak at last nights dinner.

Anyone else struggling with food allergies or sensitivities? 


  1. Milk... but only sometimes in some ways. I can eat cheese and yogurt, generally, but other times it does not end well. My latest guess on what bothers me, the higher the fat content in the milk product, the worse it affects me. Still playing the trial and error game to figure it out.

    1. I hear ya! My stomach was a mess yesterday, but I decided to be bad and give in to my pizza craving. (Oops!) And today, I feel better. Who is a funny thing.