Friday, May 11, 2012

Am I gone yet?

After sitting through Tuesday's appointment, fearing everything that could possibly come from the blood tests, I am thankful that I am leaving town bright and early tomorrow morning. Actually, tonight. Our plan is to stay in Medford at our traveling couple companion's condo, then head to the airport tomorrow morning around 5:30am. (Which means I'll be up, showered, dressed and ready somewhere around 4:30, if I sleep at all.) The test results aren't back yet, and I'm secretly praying they don't come in today. It will take all my self control not to pick up the phone if Dr. C calls. Part of me wants to know, while the other is relieved I have no answers prior to vacation. Which I think Hubby is relieved of as well. So crossing my fingers I know nothing until I return.

You'll notice I haven't been listing the food I've consumed every day. My apologies for not following through. This week has been crazy, and it has taken everything in me to not eat gluten. I forgot how hard it was. But so far so good. I've cut out the majority and only enjoyed it once a day. Definitely feeling better since the cut, but I can still use some work. Let's hope the resort has some options!

On another note......

When we booked our trip, we neglected to realize the fact that we'd be gone on Mother's Day. Something I never miss for my Mama or Mother in law. I am sadly thankful that I won't be here. We shared 2 great meals last weekend with each set of parents celebrating Mother's Day though. And now I have the freedom to relax on a beach on Sunday and forget that it's Mother's Day, (and that I'm still childless). I like to pretend the day doesn't affect me, but in all honesty, the morning comes and I'm bitterly sad.

But not this Mother's Day!

 I will be waking up in Punta Cana, enjoy cocktails and lots of sunshine! Enjoying every moment of not being a mother. Doing whatever I please and not having to think or be concerned with anyone else.

So to all my infertile friends: Think of it as Hopeful Mother's Day! Enjoy Sunday! Do something for yourself, do something you've wanted to do but haven't. Do something you couldn't do if you were pregnant or a mom. Let it be a happy day and remind you of all the reasons you're fighting to become a mom. Stay strong and remember there is always a way. It may not be the one you planned, but it's the one you're meant for.

To all my motherly friends: I hope you have a fabulous day and remember to squeeze those little cherubs that you have been so luckily blessed with. Say a prayer for all us interfiles and remember being a mother is a gift. No matter how trying of a day can be, you've been given the greatest gift there is. Please don't take it for granted. Happy Mother's Day!

See you all in a week! (Did I mention I will be unplugging completely on this trip! No phone, no email, no nothing! Sooooo looking forward to it!)

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