Friday, June 8, 2012

Never Ending Testing

Has it really been over two weeks since I've posted?! Where have I been......yikes.

Well let's see, where did we leave off.......

Oh yes, blood work. After receiving 3 phone calls letting me know that everything was fine, yes I said 3, we met with Dr. C on Tuesday for a regrouping of minds, so to say. Chris and I had decided we wanted to meet with him after our trip to figure out what we were going to do. Assuming we would get thrown a million different things, the appointment went much different than we had expected.

We went through the blood work first. No sign of Lupus (phew), no sign of inflammation in my body (not sure I believe that one), estrogen was a little high as well as progesterone. Progesterone was fine to be high, better than low. The estrogen however was slightly alarming, so I will be going in for an ultrasound on Monday to check for an ovarian cyst. Just to be safe.

Then we looked at my charting. Things have been a little off, but all in all starting to improve. Dr. C also mentioned (for all my Creighton charters out there) that the best day to get pregnant is Peak day. The 2nd best: Peak-1, then Peak-2, then Peak+1. Learn something new every day. I will say this month, we were right on track, however we missed Peak day. (There's always next month.......getting tired of saying that.)

A couple things happened that made me realize just how caring this man actually is. At one point he dropped his shoulders and kindly said "I feel like I'm failing you. When I see your name on the schedule, I cringe. Because that means you're not pregnant. It's been a year, after a year I feel like a failure." Then he sat there sulking a bit. Then pulled out a chart for us. In NaPro, Dr. Hilgers (the founder) says that the highest chance of conceiving with NaPro is in the first year. However, there is still a great leap in the second year as well. So as much as Dr. C feels like he's failed, he knows to wait it out a little longer. It's just his own sorrow, says it keeps him humble.

He also stated that we are welcome to get a second opinion. We're lucky enough to have another NaPro doctor a couple towns away. Dr. C simply stated that he may be able to catch something that we may have missed. Better to have another mind to brainstorm with. He also said we can always go back to the surgeon and have him take another look (which in my mind is out of the question. I don't feel like it will help.)

So now what?

Well, not to get too personal, but I have been having significant pain and swelling in my intestines. Dr. C has done some exams and was concerned. So after my ultrasound and more rounds of bloodwork, I may be going in for a Barium. Where you drink yucky things and swallow a camera. Then you go in to have xrays done depending on the location of the camera in hopes to get a good picture of my insides and check the connection between the small and large intestines. He also suggested it could be an issue with my colon. We didn't go into too much depth, but we plan to start with the pictures.

The strangest thing to happen: Dr. C said I'm interesting. "That's not something you want to hear from your doctor" he said. Apparently he's slightly baffled as to why we aren't pregnant yet. So in the meantime, more tests, more trying. Regrouping yet again after this and next week's tests.

This is never ending......

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