Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Recap

For those of us struggling to conceive, the thought of surviving another holiday can spark a major panic attack. And if Easter came about a month ago, I would have been right there with you. Thankfully it was on Sunday, and I'm in a better place than March. Or was it because of the yummy sushi tray we split with friends Friday night.......
Can't enjoy sushi if you're preggers. Ha ha to my pregnant friends. 
(We have to have some benefits, right?)

Saturday went by way too fast, and I woke up Sunday morning exhausted. But family brunch awaited, so we packed up and headed to NH. I come from a family (you'd think we were Italian), that love to feed people. We expect you to eat, and we put out waaaaaay too much food. (We all do it, it's a family thing.) My mother is an amazing cook, it's one of the reasons I deeply regret going vegan (or find myself cheating, only dairy I swear)! But being the only vegetarian/vegan couple, we struggle at family gatherings. I am one lucky gal though, my supportive family always have something specific they know we can eat. 

So what did we enjoy? I had brought a Vegan Broccoli Quiche, and Mom had a huge selection of fresh fruit. So I piled up my plate and devoured every last bite with a big glass of cran/raspberry/pineapple/orange juice. Yum!

And all the kiddos were there....
Complete with party dress and headband.

The older boys enjoyed their egg hunt, 
which was apparently more difficult this year 
seeing as they can all count.

Even Teddy was included.
How can you deny that face?!

And what's a family holiday party without a little nudity?
Who me?

I know what you're thinking, how can you take a break after looking at those little munchkins? Trust me, it's a struggle. I'm actually starting to believe that the Letrozole was making me angry. It blocks estrogen production, so I guess that makes sense. I also felt as though it was making me depressed. This week having not taken it, I feel like myself again. I'm slowly getting back my drive to work out. Last week I even over did it by taking a bootcamp class that left me limping for 5 days. Yet I am going back tonight. (Narcissist?) Slowly, each day, I'm starting to feel better. Hopefully this weekend away with my lady friends will contribute to the mending as well. 2.5 more days......

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