Monday, April 30, 2012

Friday & Weekend Recap

Let me begin by saying, I was not a very good girl and am extremely embarrassed that I have to share this with you. I forgot how difficult it is to eat out gluten/dairy free. I also gave in to a lot of temptations that I should not have. Let's begin, sigh....don't judge me.


Breakfast was my usual smoothie/shake.

Friday Snack/Tea time

Corn Chowder, Mexican Grilled Wrap (black beans, jalapeno hummus)
Boston Bean House, Maynard

Tofu Veggie Pad Thai

Veggie Tom Khar Soup


Breakfast was my usual smoothie/shake. I assume you're sick of seeing the same pix of it.

Had a late lunch at Flatbread's in Bedford. I did get the Vegan pizza, however their gluten free crust was an extra $4.50. Being the cheap lady that I am, I opted out. (That's a little steep for a different crust, although I'm sure it's amazing, and my body would have preferred it.) 

I did start with their side salad first though.

Flatbread's Vegan Pizza, ate all but 3 slices. Ooops.
Ate the remaining 3 slices about 2 hours later.

I won't even display what I ate for dinner. It was the leftover tofu wedges I made Thur night, along with a bowl of 


We meet Chris' parents most Sundays for breakfast at Meadow Brook Orchards in Sterling, MA. Their food is delicious and for breakfast, not greasy. I gave in, yet again (major fail) to this

Egg white omelette, spinach, feta, tomato.
Home fries, and whole wheat toast.

We ate out for lunch, yet again. (Can you tell we weren't home at all this weekend?)

Panera Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich,
Creamy Tomato Soup, chips & apple

I was finally home to make dinner. I re-created the kale saute and curried sweet potatoes I made Thur night so Chris could give them a shot. I topped the kale off with falafels and a couple slices of vegan cheese. It was super yummy!

Kale, falafel, curried sweet potatoes. YUM!

I felt like a I needed something sweet and seeing as I did not stick to my planned diet, I opted for something I wouldn't regret. It was easy to make, but looked pretty gross once mixed together. But trust me, it's excellent! 

Sliced banana, peanut butter and dairy free chocolate chips

Put in bowl. This is what it looks like before you microwave.

Microwave for 45-60 seconds. Don't let the chocolate burn though.

Add some marshmallows too if you like, but this alone was really good! I couldn't even finish it. (1 banana, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1/4 cup chocolate bits)

Starting the week off right this morning though, attempting to get back on track! Let's hope.

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