Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stiletto Sprint

I crept out of work Friday at exactly 11:59am, jumped in my car before my boss' door opened, threw it in reverse and made a mad dash to the road. Phew, out of work and on my way to our First Annual Girl's Weekend! As I'm driving up 495 N I get a text that everyone is running earlier than expected, which calmed my nerves that were panicking with what to do for the next 2 hours. Popped into the bank, and continued my drive to Haverhill. Totally missed my exit and ended up taking the back way to my friends. Where I saw a lovely topless man, not of sound mind, dancing in the entrance of a gas station. He wasn't exactly dancing, more so making erratic movements with his arms which no tunes around. I quickly locked my doors and floored it when the light turned green.

I was proud that I had finally managed to pack "light" (one small carry on, one food bag and a large cooler for 2 nights. Don't judge.), my friend however is not capable of packing light. I believe she had 2 overnight bags, about 3-4 bags of food, and put some of her cold stuff in my cooler. Sigh. God Lover Her. (Glad I finally have a car that doesn't have a glove-box for a trunk.) We swung over to Salem, stopped at the most massive Market Basket ever created, then headed to our other lady friend's house. Took a quick peek at her beautifully remodeled floors and dining room. Grabbed her 4-5 bags, pillows, and whatever else, and headed for the highway. Wait...back track. We headed for the mall. A quick pop into H&M and Victoria's. Then headed for the highway.

We checked into our little posh inn around 3:30, where we remained for the rest of the evening. I believe I was happily buzzed by 5pm. We had a table full of food, a drink station, and set up the table at the end of the bed. We chatted, drank too much, ate too much and played Phase 10. Got my ass kicked. Turned in around 12, I think....
Woke Saturday morning, first to shower. Grabbed some bagels and headed to Tilton for our first shopping spree as a group. In the first 3 hours, we covered about 4 stores....sigh. Found some amazing steals, including the most comfortable pair of black wide leg pants. $69 for $6.29! They shall be my traveling pants for out upcoming trip. Dress up or dress down = heaven. And they don't show sweat. L.O.V.E. 
Braked for lunch around 3, where one of us slept on the booth, the other continued to have the shakes until the waitress brought oyster crackers and water. Got a couple funny stares from the older ladies near us. Downed some pizza and then we all headed to the Stiletto Sprint. There was a total of 40 women, which they broke us into 5 heats. Each winner then completed a final run to win the trophy.
Prepping for the race.

Don't worry Liz, there's no one near you!
Winners from the 5 heats....there's Liz!

Guess who won?

Her beautiful Trophy!

That's right, Liz, our resident marathon runner took home the gold! (I may have teared up a bit.) The girl actually slowed down towards the end because she realized no one was near her. (That's the kind hearted person she is!) Our shopping adventures then continued because first prize was $250 gift card, which she graciously split between the 4 of us. (I could not ask for better friends.) So we shopped from 11am to 7:30pm. With a 45 min lunch and 30 min Stiletto Sprint. 

We were all exhausted, headed back to the inn, took a 2 hour break/nap. Around 9 we pulled ourselves together and headed to dinner at the Barley House in Concord. Gorged ourselves on sweet potato fries, leaving very little room for dinner.

Sunday, we packed up early and ended our adventure. It was a great weekend! Relaxing, surprising and a complete bonding experience. Everything I needed. 

Thank you ladies! I am truly blessed to have you all in my life!

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