Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I feel like I need to make a correction to my last post:

It is difficult to be happy for people I don't know, it is far easier to be happy for friends and family who are expecting.

I had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to our family on Sunday. Baby Hannah is absolutely beautiful! It's been a good year and a half since we've had a newborn in the family (for our family, that's a long time). It's amazing to see just how little they really are. Cute as a button and radiates heat when you hold her. (Which did not stop me from stealing her for a good hour to snuggle.)

As I'm holding this precious little girl in my arms, embracing the sweet powder smell, I am at peace. I'm not upset, emotional, hurt, nothing. Not one ounce of jealousy is raising through my head. I am calm, happy for my cousin and her family.

Baby Hannah has some how renewed my hopes and prepared me for the next round of IVF. I am going to continue to assume that the little lady has given us some luck.

A week from today I begin the second round of Lupron. Please continue to pray for us as we attempt this again.


  1. Glad to hear about your renewed hope! Good luck with you next round. Sounds like it is coming at a great time since you should be nice and relaxed after your anniversary get away. Best of luck to you both I will be thinking about you. And enjoy your time away together! Have a fun week!

  2. I know all the love and support you get from your family and friends will get you through this trial. I'm thinking of you and sending you hopeful thoughts.