Monday, September 13, 2010


I crawl out of bed Sunday morning, throw some clothes on and run out the door for a doctor's appointment. I drive myself to Lexington (first time in the standard) and managed to stall twice. I arrive 5 minutes early to find about 12 other women sitting in the waiting room for their blood work and ultrasounds to be done as well. Pretty normal, because the techs seem to work quickly. Apparently that was not the case on this day.

They are quick to draw my blood, but the nurse mentions that the ultrasound tech is running behind due to an emergency this morning. So I assume maybe 30 mins late? Nope, they were running 90 mins late! The upside to waiting, the 5 other women in the waiting room were all just as annoyed as I was so we all got to chatting.

It was comforting to be able to discuss openly what we were all feeling and going through. I must say, leaving 6 women hopped up on hormones alone, and frustrated in a waiting room, is never a good idea! However, we made best of the situation.

After two hours of waiting, I was finally out of there. I headed home to meet up with my in laws to then drive to see hubby helping out a friend at a car show. I was there for about 30 mins before I get the phone call from my nursing team. I am then informed that I have several small cysts on my left ovary and three decent size cysts on my right. A 10mm, 24 mm and a 32mm cyst. My hormone levels are also elevated indicating that I some how managed to ovulate through the Lupron, which is not supposed to happen! What does that mean? I have to stop taking the Lupron, wait for Aunt Flo to show up, then start all over again!

I fight back the tears while on the phone, but as soon as I hang up, the waterworks turn on. My husband is right there to comfort me, but I just keep crying. More waiting. Another three weeks before we can even think about starting the Lupron again. Can anything go according to plan?


  1. Ryan and I are thinking of you both! We can't wait to see you guys next weekend. Thoughts and prayers <3

  2. Hugs.....that's all we can do.