Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week of Lupron

While entertaining dinner guests at our house, I have to pull myself away for my first injection of Lupron. I've watched the video, I know how to fill the syringe, I know the amount and I know where to inject. But nothing prepares you to actually stick a needle in your body! My friend joined me for this little adventure, wondering what it was I would have to do.

I'm holding the needle in my left hand, hovering over my right arm and it hits me: I can't do this! Unsuspecting friend had offered to assist prior to my hesitation. I look up and almost throw the needle at her saying "YOU DO IT". She grabs the needle and it quickly plunges into my arm and immediately leaves. Thank goodness for friends!

The injection sight burns a little for the first couple of minutes but then passes. We return to the dinner party. Within a half hour my face is on fire! I'm not talking "glass of wine, little warm in here". I'm talking third degree burn feeling! I'm tomato red from my neck to forehead. I can't cool down! I literally put my face in the freezer which only helps for the moment. I then try ice packs on my cheeks, relief!!!

Over the next couple days the side affects really start to kick in. (I have a new found respect for any woman going through menopause!) I can't stay focused on anything! My face is continual at red alarm stage, and I am yelling at my poor husband for no reason. Irritable. Bloated. Swollen. TIRED. I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. On top of all of this, I'm learning how to drive a standard.

After a week, the emotions start to take over. I can feel my eyes swelling for no reason at all. And that's where I am now. Almost two weeks in. Just had a follow up blood work and ultrasound to determine if we are ready to start the Gonal F. My ovaries have sprouted cysts (shocking), and my estrogen levels are two high. Another five days, another round of blood work and interior ultrasounds to see if we can begin then. Saying a prayer the cysts depleted and my crazy hormones are in check so we can get moving.


  1. oh sweetie, I see how rough this is. Hang in there...I know you can do it.

  2. Good luck Celia! We're thinking of you! I know this can't be easy, but it will be worth it in the end- you will make it through!