Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend To Do List

This is our first weekend home and in awhile! Yay! I've had a few things on our nursery to do list that I've been looking to tackle and complete, and hubby has big plans for the garage. Might be the realization that we're around 10-12 weeks from meeting our little girl, or the fact that I only have 53 days left of work. Whatever it may be, I'm hoping to at least get a few of these things completed.

1. Make a growth chart like this one....
Making this for the nursery
Already picked up the wood and the spray paint.

2. Make a family tree art for the open wall
family tree
Using the remaining paper from the other art work I already made.

3. Hang the curtain rod and curtains (which will need some trimming)
EIVOR Curtains, 1 pair IKEA
Went with an Antique Bronze finish with clear finials.

4. Spray paint the glider white similar to this one
grey and yellow nursery with pottery barn elephants
Still need to order cushions as well.

5. Paint my the old dresser white
Sorry, no photo. It's painted black right now, with nickel hardware. The hardware will be staying, but the dresser will be refreshed wish a nice coat of white. Original plan was to paint it coral. However I fear painting it coral, and having to go back and repaint yet again if we are lucky to have a son at some point. (I plan to keep these items as the nursery furniture.)

6. Purchase and assemble garage shelving like this one
You'll see why.

7. Purchase bike hooks to hang our bikes in the garage
Liking this one with the little shelf.

Anyone else have big weekend plans?

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