Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Third Trimester! (28 Weeks)

Sorry for the crappy res

Baby Size: 
15" long  
2.25 lbs



Mostly calling her by her nickname still

Baby Changes: 

  • She's developing more fat, smoothing out her wrinkly skin
  • Her lungs are mature enough that she could survive on the outside now
  • She's still waking me up daily around 6am
  • She is extremely active most of the day

Weight Gain: 
no change in weight from 2 weeks ago
total weight gain is still +17lbs

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • My morning smoothie


Still none.


I feel like I grew inches this week, she is definitely getting big!

Body Changes: 

Besides feeling like I've grown exponentially this week, baby girl has gotten pretty crazy. I've now had my bladder jabbed, pressure on my back, and I've felt her up near my ribs. Breathing is more labored, and I'm getting really tired again, quite quickly. Hormones have officially kicked in as well. I've had moments of just thinking of something, and my eyes fill up. I had a round of acupuncture last Thursday that thankfully took away my kankles and club foot away! The last couple of nights, I've woken up to pee at least twice, and from baby kicks. (I think she's training me for those late night feedings.)

Worst Moment this Week: 

Getting jabbed in the bladder by a baby foot to the point I thought I was going to pee myself.

Best Moment this Week: 

No more kankles or club foot! Thank you acupuncture!

Looking Forward To: 
A relaxing weekend at home. Hopefully going to tackle some more nursery projects like painting the glider and dresser.

Completed this week: 
  • Picked up our new minivan (yes, we bought a minivan)
  • Purchased $328 worth of OshKosh B'gosh clothes for $47!
  • Purchased her first headbands
  • Scheduled my glucose test for Sat morning
  • Things to complete: 
    • tour the birthing center at Emerson
    • order glider cushions
    • wash her clothes in the hamper
    • purchase new curtain rod for nursery
    • hang curtain rod and drapes
    • choose a pediatrician
    • sign up for infant CPR class
    • purchase shelving unit for garage, help organize
  • Hiccups for baby girl
  • Jabbing kicks into my bladder
  • Daily dance parties in my belly, this kid does not sit still
  • HypnoBirthing Class 
  • Watching hubby's face, viewing a HypnoBirth
  • Acupuncture to relieve my swollen feet, it worked!
  • Took 7 months, but hormones have officially kicked in

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