Wednesday, April 17, 2013

27 Weeks

Baby Size: 
13.6 to 14.8" long  
1.5 to 2.5 lbs!



Mostly calling her by her nickname still

Baby Changes: 

  • She's practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs
  • She's showing brain activity, and it will continue to get more complex
  • She's waking me up with strong kicks around 6-6:30am
  • She is a lot more active during the day now

Weight Gain: 
no idea, clothes still fit, so that's a good sign

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • My morning smoothie


Still none.


Yes, but still not getting too many bold comments. People are still quite reserved. (Probably because I tend to wear cardigans with scarves that cover things up.)

Body Changes: 

Pretty constantly having tightness on my right lower back. Hubby and I have been trying to get a few walks in each week, which has helped loosen things up a bit. Uterus is definitely getting bigger, and she is starting to creep up, infringing on my lung and stomach space. Breathing has been more labored, and I've been getting pretty consistent heart burn, especially from tomatoes. I've had a couple nights of sleeping almost up right to keep the heart burn at bay. Even popped a couple Tums one night so I could get back to sleep. Last couple of nights have been better though, thank goodness.

Worst Moment this Week: 

Watching all the footage from the Boston Marathon bombing and thinking of all the families there, trying to get their young children to safety.

Best Moment this Week: 

Spending the weekend in Portsmouth with friends. So nice to have a weekend away with everyone before baby girl arrives. And my lovely best friend got me a waffle make, can't wait to break that bad boy out! (Scheduled for Friday morning birthday breakfast.)

Looking Forward To: 
Dinner Wed night with the ladies of the family for my 30th. Our mini babymoon this weekend! Thanks to hubby's parents who got us 2 nights up north for Christmas. Looking forward to relaxing, long walks, and Woodstock Inn sticky buns. 

Completed this week: 
  • Reserved our seat for Hypnobirthing class, starts Sunday
  • Found our "family vehicle", picking it up today
  • Things to complete: 
    • order glider cushions
    • wash her clothes in the hamper
    • purchase new curtain rod for nursery
    • hang curtain rod and drapes
    • choose a pediatrition
    • schedule glucose test
    • sign up for infant CPR class
    • purchase shelving unit for garage, help organize
  • Sleepless night with heartburn
  • Sleepless night due to kicking
  • Wake up call being kicked and punched

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