Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hypnobirthing Vs. Natural Child Birth

At our last prenatal appointment, at 12 weeks to be exact, we had a discussion with our doctor about creating a birth plan. This was her exact suggestion:

"Don't make one! That's a sure way to get yourself a cesarean. You really have no idea how you will react or your body will react to the intense pain of child birth. Just go with the flow."

I couldn't agree with her more. Surprised because I'm such a planner? I know, I was too. But let's be honest for a moment....

During my miscarriage 2 years ago, I had opted for a D&C. Which at first I thought I wouldn't need. However it was 2 days before Christmas, and the thought of going through this on Christmas day made me incredible depressed. The first day wasn't so bad, and the procedure was scheduled for the following day. At which time, I woke up with intense cramps. We ended up bringing a heating pad in the car with us to the hospital. I couldn't take anything, nor eat anything. So I felt everything. I felt the clots. I felt the contractions my body was creating. We finally arrived at the hospital, at which time I was ghostly white and could barely move. The pain had become constant and completely unbearable. Thankfully, my OB was there and quickly got the anesthesiologist to come in and administer some meds to help me relax.

What's my point? I'm guessing child birth is going to be just as painful, and more intense. And seeing as I couldn't handle that pain, how will I handle the actual child birth pain?

I have no idea. So here's my thoughts on how to prepare for labor.

1. Hypnobirth- hopefully it will help to distract me from the pain, and get me through the intense contractions.

2. Natural Childbirth- do I opt for the traditional coping?

I would love to hear all your thoughts and suggestions, or what you did that seemed to help.

Here's my birthplan:

Step 1. Attempt Hypnobirthing or Natural Child Birth 

I would like to be up and moving around as much as possible. I prefer not to be attached to IV's or monitors. I'm hoping I can walk around, utilize a birthing ball or the birthing tub. I'd like to just go with what feels right.

Step 2. Have a "Safe Word" when the pain gets too intense. Meaning I want drugs.

Hubby and I will have a chat ahead of time. If I start to feel like the pain is too intense, and I'm going to pass out, he'll know it's that bad, and allow for drugs. Otherwise, I hope to not have them.

Step 3. Whatever means necessary.

If labor isn't progressing, or there's a complication or issue, I don't care at this point, just get the baby out! Whatever means necessary is my last resort.

I'm sure this might change as I get closer to delivering, but I think it's a good start.

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