Wednesday, January 23, 2013

15 Weeks

Baby Size: 
Orange, 4" long! 2.5 oz


Muffin, I find myself saying that now, no idea why.

Baby Changes: 

  • squirming all around, but I still can't feel it
  • possibly hiccuping
  • joints and limbs can move all around

Weight Gain: 
I actually feel like I may have lost a little weight. First trimester usually brings a lot of bloating, which has subsided. Leaving me feeling a little lighter.


None this week. I've been munching on peanuts, organic fruit leather, and of course chips.


Lettuce is still not appealing.


Oh yeah! Belly is definitely sticking out. I snuggled up next to hubby this morning, and he said he could feel my belly pressing against him.

Body Changes: 

I have not been able to sleep past 7am, and seem to be waking up around 4am, and tossing and turning until 7. Ugh. (Preparation for baby?) My stomach has also shifted up because baby is making a slow move up as well. Meals can only be really small, but I find I'm hungry every couple of hours. With the shift in my stomach, it has been causing indigestion and huge gas bubbles that take hours to subside. Not terribly fun. Along with those changes, my belly is getting that hard feeling, instead of being all wiggly jiggly.

Worst Moment this Week: 

Panicking when I felt like I hadn't grown all week. Did a little research and discovered that's normal, because the bloating has finally gone down. 

Best Moment this Week: 

Realizing that in 5 weeks, we're half way done! Kind of crazy to think. And in a few weeks, we'll know if we'll be welcoming a son or a daughter <3

Looking Forward To: 
The weekend. Work has been really crazy the last couple of weeks, and I definitely could use some downtime. 

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