Tuesday, January 29, 2013

16 Weeks!

Baby Size: 
4.6" long 
3.5 oz


Baby. (Original, I know.) But the kid is actually looking like a baby now, so it seems fitting.

Baby Changes: 

  • can now hear me, thanks to tiny bones forming in their ears
  • hair growth, including lashes and eyebrows
  • taste buds are forming

Weight Gain: 
I definitely feel bigger this week. So I'm sure the weight has gone up. We'll find out Thur at our 16 week appointment.


Spinach calzone. Went home last night and had to make some.


None to speak of. Lettuce is finally my friend.


Um, yeah. The questionable looks are happening more frequently now, and the bump is harder to hide. Almost sticking out past my boobs. I'd say they're neck and neck right now.

Body Changes: 

Headaches, that do not get better with Tylenol, heat, ice, stretching or massage. Guessing it's hormonal changes causing them. Slight dizziness as well when I stand too long. Feeling lots of stretching around the round ligament area. Breasts have definitely gotten large. Almost time for some new bras. The skin on my face has also gotten a little red and blotchy. And the left side of my scalp, is so obnoxiously itchy!

Worst Moment this Week: 

Not seeing hubby for several days at a time. Work has him quite busy. 

Best Moment this Week: 

Hearing our family talk about how excited they are for us. Always nice to hear :)

Looking Forward To: 
Really feeling Baby move. Apparently it can start as early as this week. Still feeling sensations, but no actual kicks yet.

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