Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You want me to put that where?

I was feeling curious the other day and decided to Google "trying to conceive", something I actually hadn't done before. I was slightly appalled at what I found. (Appalled probably isn't the right word, however it will probably describe most of your reactions best.) I had to share this, it's one of those things that's so gross you must share. 

Egg Whites.
Real egg whites

Now we all know I've shared how cervical mucus looks like egg whites when it's optimal time to conceive. However I never thought people actually used them as a way to conceive. No joke, this woman is convinced that cracking an egg, removing the yolk and inserting the egg whites into your hooha, will help you conceive.

Why, might you ask?
Someone's egg white mucus
Not mine. I swear.

Let's think about this....your optimal conceiving mucus looks like egg whites. But is the structure the same? Your mucus, referring to the egg white kind, is small channels that protect and allow sperm to travel safely in the cervix. (The vagina is a hostile place, filled with high levels of acidity.) So do real egg whites help coat the same way if your mucus is low?

Has anyone else ever heard of this?

*If you plan to attempt (which I will not), be sure to sterilize the outside shell, apparently that's where any bad bacteria resides. 

Happy egg white douching!



  1. I wouldn't think that it would do the same job. Regardless of inserting egg whites (eeew!!!) I wouldn't think that changes the channels that are open for the sperm to travel during the time of ovulation. WAY weird! Really made me laugh out loud. YIKES!

  2. Once I read... "you want me to place that where?!" I was hooked! Awkward but it made me laugh! Might not hurt to try! ;-) <3