Monday, October 10, 2011


I know I've briefly touched upon the vitamins I attempt to inhale every day, but I wanted to get a little deeper into the discussion. Mostly because I feel like I'm going to gag every morning trying to shove these down my throat. I've found lately that I'm not hungry in the morning, which is not helping trying to take the 7 daily pills, plus 2 extras during my peak days. And the fact that if I don't take with 24 oz of water and carbs, I get nauseous and wonder if I need to run to the bathroom. So here they are, all 7 of them:

Looks are deceiving. Don't let that prenatal fool you.

1. Prenatal Vitamin: As of right now I'm taking a whole foods version. I know, it screams dirty hippie. However after reviewing several other options, this little pungent pill packs in the highest volume of vitamins. It does give off this horrible smell and if I don't scarf it down with a protein bar or toast, I may vomit. But it's good for potential baby.

2. Magnesium: (2 pills) Foot cramps alone are reason enough to start sucking these bad boys down. I've had them since I was about 14. My feet cramp like crazy, especially after working out. Dr. C explains it best:

"Magnesium is involved in 100 different enzyme functions in our bodies. It is also needed by each cells’ mitochondria to generate energy out of the foods that we eat. It is important for the stability of our heart rhythms, nerve function and muscle action.  Magnesium is stored in muscles like water is stored in a reservoir. When there is not enough in our diet, the blood stream will steal it from the muscles.  Some people who are low in magnesium get muscle cramps in their feet and calves and other muscles.  Some get migraine headaches.  Many of my pregnant patients who begin taking magnesium say that they sleep better, have fewer muscle cramps, lower blood pressure and less uterine contractions during their pregnancies."   

3. Calcium: Seeing as I don't eat too much dairy, I figure calcium is probably a good thing to ingest. Even if it's in pill form. Better than nothing right?

4. Vitamin D3: Most people are deficient in Vit D, especially those of us that live above or below the equator. (Crazy, I know.) Again, best explained by Dr. C:

"The immune system functions best when 43, but still far short of the goal level of 75 or greater. Most of my patients’ levels range 12–30.  Darker skinned people have even more difficulty obtaining vitamin D from sunlight. 

Data reveals that a child growing up in New England is much more likely to come down with Multiple Sclerosis than a child growing up in Florida. Similarly there seems to be fewer cancers in Florida than in the northern U.S. I also believe that, one day, vitamin D deficiency will also be linked to endometriosis and premature birth."

Click here to read his entire article on Magnesium and Vitamin D.

5. Levothyroxine: After blood work revealed I had a slight case of hypothyroidism, Dr. C suggested I begin taking the synthetic drug to make up for the lack my body creates. Since starting the meds, my nails have never looked better. Even on prenatals, they still ripped and teared. (A sign of hypothyroidism.) And I have more energy than I previously did and my numbers are finally in an appropriate range. Still slightly sluggish but that could be from lack of exercise. It's about time I got my ass moving.

6. Iodine Plus2: Apparently most of us walking this earth are deficient in iodine. Far too long to explain. Read here. 

Now if I could only remember to take these every day...they'd probably help.

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